Gain Comprehensive Insights Faster, Make Better Decisions Against Cyberattacks

In the ongoing and unending race against cyberattacks, we are constantly reminded of the importance of a cyber-resiliency strategy, which allows organizations to prepare for and protect against ransomware and other cyberthreats. To continue helping customers stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, Dell Technologies has provided a New Year’s gift for customers, with the availability of CyberSense 7.9. With performance now up to 5x faster, CyberSense 7.9 allows customers to detect and diagnose anomalies in their backup data much quicker than before.

Dell Technology Cybersense 7.9 benefits.

Fully integrated with Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, CyberSense intelligent analytics enable organizations to detect, diagnose and recover from cyberattacks. CyberSense audits the data managed by PowerProtect Cyber Recovery to detect signs of corruption due to  ransomware and other cyberthreats using analytics and machine learning. With the creation of point-in-time observations of files, databases and core infrastructure, the machine learning algorithms use analytics to make deterministic decisions on the data corruption. When CyberSense detects any sign of corruption it delivers alerts to the Cyber Recovery dashboard as well as reports. The post-attack forensic reports are available to diagnose the integrity of the data and enable the recovery from the ransomware attack quickly.

CyberSense’s competitive advantage is that it does full content indexing of file metadata, document metadata and document content without the need to rehydrate the backup data sets. Other solutions only scan file metadata which may only identify simply changes in file extensions or file size. With the Increased performance of full content indexing, enterprise customers can now analyze data at a much faster pace when indexing backups on Dell PowerProtect DD. You will see improvements in both performance optimized and capacity optimized backups in this latest release.

The chart below also shows additional workloads that benefit from the performance improvements.

Cybersense 7.9 and workloads that can benefit from its performance improvements. Enterprise data continues to grow and continues to need protection against all kinds of threats. Protecting your data from cyberattacks reduces the risk of downtime for your business. Having insight on the validity and accuracy of your data faster allows for you to make decisions quicker. Knowing the right data to recover allows your business to continue running swiftly and bypass paying any ransom demands.

Dell Technologies is focused on helping you secure, protect and recover data in the event of a cyberattack with the industry’s most innovative solutions. Cyberattacks continue to evolve, but our products continue to evolve at a faster pace to address them through innovation and commitment to help our customers succeed.

Learn more about Dell Technologies PowerProtect Cyber Recovery here.

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