Gaining HPC the Easy Way — From the APEX

From global enterprises and research powerhouses to local design and engineering firms, high performance computing (HPC) is now one of the keys to accelerating discovery and innovation. Whether it’s a quest to personalize healthcare, build better products or unlock the secrets of the universe, HPC is the paving the path to a better world.

HPC is also one of the keys to capitalizing on artificial intelligence, data analytics and other modern applications for the data-driven organization. Look under the hood of any of these applications and you’re sure to find an HPC cluster.

“HPC, AI and the convergence of those two will drive business, innovation and research forward in the years to come,” notes a report by Hyperion Research. “The relationship between the two is crucial to realizing the full potential of AI. We are just scratching the surface of what’s possible with areas such as precision medicine, automated driving, fraud detection, and smart cities.”¹

The importance of HPC in today’s enterprise and research environments is evident in the investments organizations are making in compute clusters, both in house and in the cloud. The worldwide HPC market is projected to grow steadily through 2025, when it hits $60 billion, propelled in part by a projected 20% compound annual growth rate for spending on HPC in the cloud, according to Intersect360 Research.

Clearly, the momentum for HPC is growing on all fronts — and for lots of good reasons. So how do get there by the most direct route? In short, head to the APEX with Dell Technologies.

The APEX answer

Organizations need solutions that simplify and accelerate the process of acquiring the HPC infrastructure and services to run data-intensive modern workloads. And that’s the idea behind the Dell Technologies portfolio of APEX Custom Solutions. These solutions give you what you need to create your own on-demand environment with infrastructure and services you customize to order, accessed via a pay-per-use consumption model or an enterprise-scale managed utility.

This portfolio includes Dell Technologies APEX for HPC, a solution designed to help digitally driven organizations accelerate the time to discovery and innovation.

Here are a few of the ways APEX for HPC helps your organization:

    • Speed time to results with confidence and savings – Get straight to discovery and innovation by spending less time on the infrastructure. Leverage engineering-validated designs for your workloads — so you can deploy with confidence while saving resources.
    • Maximize performance, efficiency and flexibility – Meet end-to-end needs with a robust portfolio of products and services optimized for HPC and delivered by a company invested in your future.
    • Leverage expertise to fast-track projects and success – Tap into Dell Technologies expertise, innovation and strategic partnerships to advance the state of the art for your HPC infrastructure, from the workgroup to the Top500.

Benefits like these are delivered via use cases that span the range of corporate and institutional operations. APEX for HPC can help your organization accelerate the rollout of applications for scientific research, personalized medicine, structural analysis, public safety, risk analysis, seismic processing and more.

A case study

The power of HPC emerges most clearly in real-world use cases. That’s the way it is at Mercury Marine, the world’s largest builder of marine propulsion systems. To deliver breakthrough innovations in its outboard motors and inboard engines, the engineers at Mercury Marine rely heavily on HPC-driven computer-aided engineering simulations.

The use of these computer-driven simulations allows Mercury Marine’s engineering teams to greatly accelerate the process of evaluating different design alternatives, in comparison to the costly and time-consuming process of developing physical prototypes. The resulting business benefits of these virtual design processes include reduced product-development costs, faster product testing and better time to market. Read the case study.

Key takeaways

High performance computing is critical to the success of many processes and operations in modern organizations. And Dell Technologies makes it easy for your organization to get there with APEX for HPC, a solution designed to help accelerate the time to discovery and innovation.

Ready to rev up your move to high performance computing? Get to the APEX with Dell Technologies.

¹ White paper sponsored by Dell Technologies and Intel Corporation, July 2020.

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