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Virtualization – How to Bring Data @ the Center

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a few weeks since VMworld where we (if you were lucky enough to get to attend this year’s show) talked with attendees about virtualization and how critical it is to start shifting your mindset from Data Center to Data @ the Center.

If you weren’t able to attend the show, or didn’t have enough time to check out our theater sessions, you’re in luck! We’ve re-capped a few of the hot items that you might want to check out to understand or adopt Data @ the Center and virtualizations strategies to make it easy on you.

Let’s Start with Data @ the Center

As mentioned in Clay Ryder’s recent blog, “A business’ data is one of its most unique, differentiated, and competitive resources. But to fully unleash this treasure trove of advantage, IT needs to move beyond supporting data centers to instead realizing data is at the center for the business.”

Ahead of and during VMworld, we spent a lot of time mapping out what we mean by “Data @ the Center” and how this approach will change the face of the infrastructure as we know it. If you want to learn more about the next-generation data center, here are a few resources:

  • Read these blog posts:
  • Watch these webinar replays:
  • Watch these YouTube videos:

Creating a Virtualization Strategy

Just like our conversations about building a data strategy, you must consider what your organization’s virtualization strategy is and how it is aligned to the overall data strategy. Whether you’re still trying to map out your data strategy or if you are trying to map a virtualization strategy to that data strategy, we’ve got you covered. Check out these tools that might be helpful:

  • Helpful blog posts include:
  • Useful webinars include:

Let’s Get Technical!

Once the strategy is outlined, it’s time to dive into the technical side of virtualization. Whether that’s understanding the impact of NVMe™ on your virtual environments or tackling LUN migration, there are a few hot topics that constantly come up when speaking to our customers and partners. Here are a few useful resources as you expand your understanding of how to best design, re-design and/or optimize your virtual environment:

  • Check out these blogs:
  • A few webinar replays include:

If you have any specific questions about your virtualization strategy and/or data strategy, how to address specific questions or concerns, or what to learn more about any of the topics we’ve already address, we invite you to share your thoughts. We’re always happy to work together to help move your strategy forward, and you never know when your question might lead to our next webinar or blog!

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