Top as-a-Service Use Cases to Adapt at Speed

Recently, I came across an article entitled, “How to Drive a Car Upside Down: The Physics of Formula One Racing.” While I personally do not follow auto racing, the title itself caught my eye.

The article describes how Formula One (F1) racing centers on speed, performance, responsiveness and adaptability. Drivers must adapt quickly to changes in road surface, weather conditions, competitors’ performance and more, all while moving at g-forces comparable to those experienced by astronauts during re-entry.

This started me thinking about how the concepts discussed for F1 racing are similar to the ways as-a-Service solutions help businesses get the most out of mission-critical workloads and applications by providing the tools and flexibility needed to adapt and thrive in rapidly changing conditions.

Like F1 drivers, organizations are in a race to digitally transform their businesses. To succeed, they must have access to the latest technology and adapt on a dime to unleash the full power of the data, workloads and applications that drive their enterprises. Unlike F1 teams, however, many businesses do not have the time it takes to procure, test, deploy and continually fine-tune and scale-up or down resources according to changing demands. They also lack the unlimited funds to purchase and deploy new technologies needed to advance every workload.

Dell Technologies APEX offers Cloud Services for your most critical workloads and modern use cases — from modernization initiatives like artificial intelligence (AI) and containers to unlocking the power of databases and powering the workforce with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Whatever the use case, we can help accelerate your digital transformation journey.

As-a-Service Use Cases for Modern Workloads

ArtificiaI Intelligence Use Case: As organizations look to move AI workloads to the cloud, many struggle with security, latency and architecture issues. APEX for AI can help businesses fast-track intelligent automation everywhere, making it possible to get AI-optimized solutions on their terms. They will be able to accelerate innovation, leverage the right data faster and create measurable value by optimizing analytics and AI at any scale, from workstation to supercomputer.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Use Case:  APEX for VDI delivers real workforce transformation. Businesses can streamline the design and implementation of VDI optimized for performance, cost-effectiveness and security. Not only are they able to rapidly deploy virtual workspaces for employees in a cloud environment but they can quickly adjust and respond to accommodate changes in seasonal demand spikes and personnel.

Containers Use Case: Agile processes and DevOps operations need modern tooling that supports cloud-native constructs like containers and Kubernetes. APEX for Containers supports cloud-native constructs with agile infrastructure that helps organizations accelerate modernization. They are able to quickly implement an environment for developing and deploying modern applications and bring new services to market faster.

Databases Use Case: Intelligent, data‑driven applications are coming of age. As a result, database platforms, such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft data platform, are also advancing. These databases are bringing together structured and unstructured data to support AI, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things (IoT). APEX simplifies IT operations for complex database landscapes, supporting data access and ingestion strategies, regardless of data location, to unlock the power of relational and purpose-built databases.

  • SAP Use Case: APEX for SAP simplifies the path to digital transformation and the SAP Intelligent Enterprise. Dell Technologies’ SAP-certified infrastructure and validated designs are delivered on APEX Custom Solutions, enabling organizations to shift focus from managing infrastructure to accelerating innovation for better business outcomes.
  • Oracle Use Case: With APEX for Oracle powering Oracle applications and databases, organizations can operate with maximum efficiency, scale as they grow and enable data-driven applications. Not only does the APEX approach help businesses maintain predictability, flexibility and control but the flexible pay-as-you-use finance models help meet the unique balance of cost and flexibility required for Oracle environments.
  • Microsoft Use Case: APEX for Microsoft helps businesses accelerate Microsoft SQL and Azure hybrid cloud modernization journeys with more confidence and less stress. APEX Data Storage Services makes it possible for businesses to bring Azure data services to on-premises storage, ensuring optimal data placement that is driven by data and business requirements. The combination of Microsoft and APEX solutions makes it possible to access and analyze any data, anywhere for better informed business decisions.

As you can see, just like F1 race cars, your business needs the right technology and tools to keep innovating at today’s accelerated pace, without breaking the budget. Dell Technologies APEX offerings can help your business adapt to evolving conditions and stay in control of data and workloads with on-demand infrastructure and services you customize to order.

Give your digital transformation strategy the FI treatment by discovering Dell Technologies APEX as-a-service solutions. We’ll give you the power to adapt more quickly and surge ahead of your competitors.

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