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Dell Technologies recently announced a breadth of solutions to help customers simplify their edge, including the latest PowerEdge racks and towers. These servers are suitable for edge environments due to their compact size and office friendly acoustics, power and thermals.

To help businesses of all sizes address evolving compute demands and enable their digital transformation initiatives, PowerEdge servers deliver Adaptive Compute — solutions engineered to optimize the latest advancements in IT.

To continue meeting the shifting demands and streamline the PowerEdge portfolio, we introduced the new mainstream tower, the Dell EMC PowerEdge T550. With improved I/O, memory, storage and accelerator support, the PowerEdge T550 consolidates the most valuable features from the previous generation T440 and T640. Powered by the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, the PowerEdge T550 is ideal for data-intensive workloads including video editing, image processing and statistical computations.

“Especially for AVX512-tuned workloads, the new 3rd Gen Intel Xeon scalable processors perform exceptionally well, putting Intel on top of the game once more.”

-Jan Just Keijser and Tristan Suerink – Nikhef, Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics

“The memory bandwidth of the new CPUs has also improved drastically, and the new encryption instructions give a tremendous boost to the encryption and hashing performance.” Keijser and Suerink went on to say.

With flexible expansion options and support for accelerators, the PowerEdge T550 is ideal for medium-sized businesses, edge environments, remote/branch offices, and data centers. Use cases include enterprise-class workloads such as:

    • AI/ML and inferencing.
    • Analytics to make data-driven decisions based on key metrics.
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to provide access to remote and mobile workers.
    • Advanced in-store behavior analytics to track store visitor patterns.
    • Inventory decision support to optimize inventory and restocking.

Let’s take a closer look at using the powerhouse mainstream server T550 in fast-paced business environments such as retail. According to McKinsey, technology-enabled retailers have the potential to increase profitability significantly. Implementing the right technology can help retailers improve the overall customer experience and optimize their operations and inventory levels.

When businesses need to run multiple workloads simultaneously or run AI-intensive applications, the PowerEdge T550 can drive these compute-heavy programs. For the GPU-based AI retail use case simulating in-store sales and replenishment with regard to inventory decision-making, the PowerEdge T550 averaged 41.42% less CPU utilization, 35.09% less power consumption, and 25.77% less time to train ML models than the PowerEdge T640.¹

Evolving demands for compute placement inside and outside of the data center is a growing opportunity for many businesses. Achieving efficiencies across operations and data challenges continue to be a priority as organizations look to expand and simplify their edge computing strategy.

Additionally, the ability to manage and maintain secure server infrastructure inside and outside the data center remains crucial. Dell EMC OpenManage solutions deliver automation and intelligent infrastructure management so that IT teams can spend less time on routine maintenance and focus on high value strategic programs. With the OpenManage Enterprise (OME) integration CloudIQ for PowerEdge, customers can consolidate information from multiple OME consoles to provide a single interface for multi-site server monitoring and analytics.

PowerEdge servers are built with a cyber-resilient architecture, starting at the silicon design and permeating the system’s lifecycle, from manufacturing, through the supply chain, and retirement – all from a single, trusted vendor. Strengthen your server infrastructure’s resiliency and protect against boot-related exploits today and in the future with PowerEdge UEFI Secure Boot. Along with iDRAC, PowerEdge provides end-to-end verified boot for each stage of the boot cycle.

As organizations look to scale their infrastructure securely, PowerEdge continues to deliver a portfolio of solutions such as the new T550 to meet customer needs. With the suite of management and security tools from Dell EMC OpenManage, IT leaders can ensure their servers will perform optimally and securely, while focusing on building their innovation engine.

To learn more, visit our Servers page and join the conversation @DellEMCServers.

¹ Based on testing by Grid Dynamics Conducted September 2021

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