Seven Tips to Boost Your Hotel Guest Services via Wireless Technologies

Hotel guests spend a great deal of time, effort, energy, and expense getting to their desired hotel locations. Successful hoteliers honor that energy and expense spent by ensuring their guests have a positive, five-star-worthy experience on their property.

Wireless technologies can make a huge impact on guest experiences. That’s why some “64% of U.S. hotel guests say it is ‘very or extremely important’ for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience,” according to an Oracle Hospitality-Phocuswright study.

Check out the infographic below for seven ways that hoteliers can use wireless technologies to offer outstanding guest experiences. (If you have more time to read, check out our How-to Guide: Wi-Fi & Voice Communications for Your Hospitality Clients. This e-book equips you with what you need to convince your hotelier clients that they must fortify their hospitality Wi-Fi.).

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