Protect Your Data and Your Dollars in the Cloud

Predicting public cloud spend is a tricky, high stakes business. Get it right, and you can win the hearts and minds of your end-users by delivering on all the benefits of cloud – increased speed, agility and efficiency. Get it wrong, and you can end up pouring vast sums of money down a public cloud sink hole.

In a recent blog post, I discussed how multi-cloud data services providers, like Dell Technologies and Faction, help to deliver hybrid, multi-cloud capabilities that accelerate cloud-first initiatives, while simultaneously mitigating the risk of cost-over runs.

Another way to avoid leaving pre-committed cloud spend on the table is to consume more IT solutions in the public cloud marketplace. Dell Technologies delivers several key solutions in the AWS, Azure and Google marketplace that organizations can leverage to draw down on their pre-committed cloud spend while simplifying IT, lowering costs and mitigating risk.

Dell EMC PowerScale 

Unstructured data, such as end-user files, high-resolution images, videos, PDFs, web pages and social media posts, constitute up to nearly 80% of all data across the enterprise. To monetize this information, organizations need ways to efficiently store, protect and share it across edge, core and multi-cloud infrastructure.

Dell EMC PowerScale is available as an appliance, in the cloud or as a software-defined solution and can start small and grow to petabyte scale. This modern, flexible NAS solution helps organizations simplify unstructured data management and reduce costs.

PowerScale can help organizations accelerate the protection and management of their unstructured data volumes in the public cloud while drawing down on their pre-committed cloud spend. PowerScale cloud services can be purchased directly in the Google and Azure cloud marketplaces.

PowerScale for Google Cloud enables enterprises to run the most demanding, file-based workloads, which require extreme performance and throughput. IT organizations can leverage GCP compute services with the performance and scale of PowerScale storage across a wide range of data intensive use cases, including AI, machine learning, genomics for life sciences, media and entertainment and big data analytics.

Organizations also have the option to acquire PowerScale through Faction and leverage their partnership with Azure to draw down on their pre-committed Azure spend. This is a great choice if you want to maximize your cloud investments, and work with a partner that can help accelerate your business outcomes.

Dell EMC Data Protection Suite and PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

According to the 2021 Global Data Protection Index, nearly 60% of IT organizations stated they aren’t confident that they are meeting their backup and recovery service level objectives. In addition, 62% stated their existing data protection measures may not be sufficient to cope with malware and ransomware threats.

Organizations can get comprehensive data protection and cyber-resiliency for their hybrid, multi-cloud workloads wherever they reside by leveraging the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite and PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution.

Data Protection Suite is available as an on-premises offering and can also be acquired in the AWS, Azure and Google cloud marketplace and deployed in the public cloud. The Cyber Recovery solution can be deployed in a private cloud environment and can be acquired within the AWS marketplace and deployed within the AWS cloud.

Delivering integrated data protection for VMs, Kubernetes containers and cloud native workloads, Data Protection Suite helps simplify IT by automating various data protection administration tasks. Likewise, through automated workflows, the Cyber Recovery solution helps organizations quickly detect, diagnose and accelerate data recovery following a cyberattack.

It’s important to note that the data protection solutions in Data Protection Suite are fully integrated with the Cyber Recovery Solution, providing organizations with a consistent way to protect and secure critical data and workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, Dell EMC  cloud data protection reduces cloud resources and services cost by up to 80% versus competitive offerings, allowing organizations to receive a higher return on their public cloud investments.

If you’re in the process of evaluating your public cloud strategy, look for a partner that can help accelerate your cloud-first initiatives, simplify IT, lower costs and reduce your risk of leaving pre-committed cloud spend on the table. Dell Technologies is delivering managed cloud services along with a robust set of IT solutions that are consumable on-premises and in the public cloud marketplace, to help organizations accelerate business outcomes and maximize their return on investment on hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure.

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