Lenovo Redefines the Power of Desktop Workstations with the Introduction of the ThinkStation P360 Ultra

Delivering unmatched performance in an industry-first form factor, the new offering sits in a class of its own

Today, Lenovo is introducing the ThinkStation P360 Ultra, which rounds out its portfolio of desktop workstations, to deliver unmatched performance in a never-before-seen form factor. Half the size of a traditional small form factor desktop workstation, the machine sits in a class of its own. Its chassis is less than 4L in total volume yet still boasts 12th Gen Intel Core processors and support for up to NVIDIA RTX A5000 mobile professional graphics so users can experience tower-like performance. Within this new form factor, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra outperforms previous generation small form factor desktop workstations by more than 50%1.

Desktop workstations are known for their extreme levels of power and performance – built to run the most sophisticated CAD and BIM applications, deliver compute-intensive virtual and mixed reality experiences with ease, seamlessly render medical images or rich digital entertainment content, and accelerate time to insights through analysis of vast, massive datasets in real-time. However, a new era of hybrid work is here to stay and workstation professionals now need innovative and versatile technologies that can accommodate their ever-changing, and oftentimes smaller, workspaces without any compromise.

While organizations can still deploy the industry’s smallest desktop workstation – Lenovo’s ThinkStation P360 Tiny – to help with their extreme space-saving needs, users now have a powerful and versatile machine that offers a boost of performance in a first-of-its-kind size. This is ideal for individual professional users who need to maximize desk space or want to leverage the machine for remote collaboration or edge use cases out in the field. Additionally, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra is the optimal choice for OEMs in search of a fully integrated, five-year life cycle solution as it delivers a new combination of necessary performance in a uniquely designed chassis that significantly eliminates the bulk of a traditional small form factor.

“We are revolutionizing the market with a new desktop workstation that is purpose built to deliver impressive performance in a space-saving form factor that our customers need,” said Rob Herman, Vice President, Workstation and Client AI Business Unit, Lenovo. “The ThinkStation P360 Ultra is one of the most versatile workstations available given its ability to effortlessly tackle today’s most demanding workflows across industries, whether it’s being used by individual professionals or as an embedded technology within an OEM solution.”

Breaking away from the traditional small form factor, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra was designed from the beginning to support high-end professional components – from a size and performance perspective – packing increased capabilities per cubic inch. To do so, Lenovo worked closely with NVIDIA to develop a unique solution to both house the GPU and provide the cooling required to support the RTX A5000 mobile graphics card. Additionally, working with Intel, with a dual-sided motherboard and increased airflow, Lenovo incorporates 12th Gen Intel Core processors, with up to 16 cores at up to 125 watts – a first for Lenovo.

P360 Ultra exploded view -- the different internal components laid out

Beyond delivering unparallel power and performance in a smaller package – replacing Lenovo’s previous generation small form factor offering, the P360 Ultra offers the flexibility and versatility to meet each organization’s specific workflow needs. An industry-first design positions the motherboard in the middle of the chassis allowing for superior cooling and maximum space efficiency when configuring the workstation. The new system offers up to 128GB of DDR5 memory, two PCIe Gen 4 slots for expandability, up to 8TB of M.2 storage, and support for up to eight displays. The ThinkStation P360 Ultra is also the industry’s only desktop workstation to come equipped with dual onboard ethernet and Thunderbolt™ 4 ports for maximum flexibility and I/O expansion. Providing a benefit wherever workstations are embedded as part of a larger complex system, such as MRI machines and interactive kiosks.

The ThinkStation P360 Ultra is fully ISV certified and tested at the highest level to pass MIL-SPEC standards2 so users can do more in less time with a trusted and reliable device. The newest addition to Lenovo’s desktop workstation portfolio also follows its commitment to environmental sustainability, utilizing 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard and foam cushions in the packaging, as well as 26.5% post-consumer recycled plastic material (PCC) in the system itself. Lenovo has also enabled important sustainability services for this product, including asset recovery for end-of-life recycling and CO2 offsetting, allowing user to compensate for the average carbon emissions associated with the system by contributing carbon offset credits to a UN Climate Action partner.

P360 Ultra with headphones on top to show scale

Due to its smaller size, the P360 Ultra is 15% lighter in weight than previous small form factor workstation offerings. This means that 33% more machines can fit on a pallet or in a shipping container, resulting in fewer shipments and carbon emissions savings in terms of transportation. In addition, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra has been recognized with important certifications from ENERGY STAR®3 and TCO4 Certified and is also EPEAT® Gold5 registered in the United States.

The brand-new workstation will be available later this month starting at $1,2996. To learn more please visit www.lenovo.com/workstations.

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