Lenovo Pushes Smart Home Innovation with the Lenovo Smart Display 7 and Two New Smart Tablets: Yoga Smart Tab and Lenovo Smart Tab M8 with the Google Assistant

Lenovo is pushing the boundaries of Android™ tablet and smart home innovation by introducing two new smart tablets with the Google Assistant – the Yoga Smart Tab and the Lenovo Smart Tab M8. These devices transform versatile tablets into intuitive, modern smart home hubs.1 Newly redesigned, the popular Lenovo Smart Display now sports a new, even more compact screen size, Lenovo Smart Display 7, made to fit nearly anywhere in your home.

As beloved entertainment and media tablets in their own right, the Yoga Smart Tab and Lenovo Smart Tab M8 double as immersive, hands-free smart home hubs1 with Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode – making them convenient, time-saving and indispensable devices for today’s modern smart home.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab with the Google Assistant

Paired with rich, clear audio capabilities, the Yoga Smart Tab’s 10.1-inch FHD display make it amongst the finest tablets to double as a smart home hub1. Launching alongside Lenovo’s ultimate entertainment tablet is the Lenovo Smart Tab M8, its powerful performance, multi-user functionality and 8-inch HD screen make it a quintessential household device. Its Smart Charging Station transforms it into an always-on2 smart home hub1 that’s a great fit for multi-generational families.

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 with the Google Assistant
Lenovo Smart Tab M10 with the Google Assistant

User feedback and consumer research consistently reveal that while portable tablets are often used on the go, they can sit unused for more than 23 hours a day if left at home3. In fact, many households forget to charge their tablets, eventually leaving them unused and abandoned. Contrast this with smart home devices such as the Lenovo Smart Display and Lenovo Smart Clock, which are always on2, always plugged in and always available. With the rising adoption of smarter homes, tablets can now increase their latent potential as smart screens to help control your smart home1, play video and music, and answer questions – all hands-free.

Yoga Smart Tab with the Google Assistant – the Ultimate Entertainment Tablet just got Smarter

As the successor to the Yoga Tab 3 series, the Yoga Smart Tab pairs smart home hub optimization1 with the features that made the Yoga Tab a favorite entertainment tablet. It combines top-of-the-line audio and video capabilities with a signature multi-modal Yoga kickstand that allows you to tilt, stand, hold or hang their tablets. That means you can stand, sit, recline or lie down while using the Yoga Smart Tab, and still get a full experience at virtually any angle.

Designed using metal and aluminum, the Yoga Smart Tab looks and feels meticulously handcrafted, coated with a soft-touch matte finish.

The Yoga Smart Tab is an ideal tablet to binge-watch your favorite shows, delivering a crystal-clear viewing experience from nearly any angle or distance with its 10.1-inch FHD IPS display. The latest display and light, in-cell TDDI (Touch and Display Integration) technologies also boost immersion and touch interactivity, while engineered to reduce eye fatigue. The listening experience comes via powerful dual JBL® Hi-Fi speakers reinforced by smart power amplifiers optimized with Dolby Atmos®, delivering moving audio that flows all around you.

With the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode, you can transform your Yoga Smart Tab into a beautiful digital photo frame, control your music and smart home devices1, and quickly access important updates. To automatically activate the Ambient Mode, press the release button on the Yoga kickstand when the device is idle. Three digital mic arrays and 360-degree far-field voice recognition can then pick up on your voice from across the room.4

Lenovo Smart Tab M8 with the Google Assistant – a Quintessential Household Tablet

With the Lenovo Smart Tab M8, families finally have a quintessential multiple-use household device—a shareable tablet for adults and kids that also doubles as an always-on2 smart home hub1. Dock in the tablet into its Smart Charging Station to transform it into a smart home device1 featuring hands-free far-field voice recognition from across the room4 through high-performance dual MEMS (microelectro-mechanical systems) microphones. Ask the Google Assistant to show you who’s at the front door from your couch, desk or bed.

Built for ease of sharing, the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 is a stunning media tablet that’s designed for every family member, with a fast and powerful Quad-Core 2.0Ghz processor and 5GHz Wi-Fi support2 made for playing online games or streaming video without hiccups. And with multiple user accounts enabled by facial recognition or multiple PINs to determine who’s using the device, users can unlock their own specific user account with dedicated profiles, wallpapers, applications and storage5.

And the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 can fit seamlessly into any home, with a premium full-metal cover and narrow bezels that are designed to complement modern home decor. Built for multiple uses and settings, the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 won’t look out of place in the living room, kitchen or study, either as a tablet or smart home hub1.

Lenovo Smart Display 7 – A Popular Design gets an Upgrade

We’re also offering families more options for their homes. Introducing the latest addition to the Lenovo Smart Display series, the Lenovo Smart Display 7 compact and flexible, blending anywhere while offering all the Assistant visual features you’d expect on a smart display, on a stunning 7-inch SD touchscreen.

Compared with its predecessors, the Lenovo Smart Display 7 now sports thinner bezels as well as an ambient light sensor for better, more realistic photos. And in response to customer feedback, we’ve added front-facing left and right speakers for stereo separation, housed in a larger chamber to deliver more audio resonance. The Lenovo Smart Display 7 also features a TrueBlock Privacy Shutter and a physical mute button, for added privacy when you need it.

Pricing and Availability6


  • Lenovo Smart Tab M8 starts at €149 (VAT included) and is expected to be available starting in October 2019 on lenovo.com and select retailers.6
  • Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab starts at €299 (VAT included) and is expected to be available starting in September 2019 on lenovo.com and select retailers.6
  • Lenovo Smart Display 7 starts at €129 (VAT included) and is expected to be available starting in October 2019 on lenovo.com and select retailers.6

Discover more at www.lenovo.com.

IFA 2019 press kit with images, videos and full specs are available here.

A compatible smart home device such as a smart light bulb, smart plug and smart security system are required and sold separately.
2 Requires separately purchased Wi-Fi connectivity. Connection speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions and other factors.
3 Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report, Kleiner Perkins: “US consumers spend an average of 43 minutes a day on their tablets, typically in the late evenings.”
4 Far-field voice recognition technology on the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is recommended to be used from up to 5 meters away, and up to 3 meters away on the Lenovo Smart Tab M8.
5Actual available capacity is less and varies due to many factors, including formatting, partitioning and operating system, etc. which utilize part of this capacity. The available capacity may change with software updates.
6 Prices may not include tax, shipping or options and are subject to change without notice; additional terms and conditions apply. Reseller prices may vary. On-shelf dates may vary by geography and products may only be available in select markets. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings, features and specifications at any time without notice.


LENOVO and YOGA trademarks of Lenovo. ANDROID and GOOGLE ASSISTANT are trademarks of Google LLC. JBL is a trademark of Harman International Industries, Inc. DOLBY ATMOS is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories, Inc. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others and are the property of their respective owners. ©2019, Lenovo Group Limited.

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