Infographic: Lenovo’s 2018 Sustainability Achievements

We push innovation in every element of our technologies and services, and that includes sustainable practices that take care of our planet and our communities. Our annual sustainbility report explores the strides we’re making from breakthrough manufacturing techniques to increases in renewable energy.

As our CEO Yuanqing Yang puts it in an article on LinkedIn:

When we report on sustainability, we’re not only reporting on Lenovo itself but also on the critical issues we know to be important to our customers around the world. In pursuing our social and environmental goals, we’re guided by the same level of commitment and accountability as we are in achieving our business goals. At Lenovo, excellence in sustainability and excellence in business go hand in hand.

Check out some of the highlights in the infographic below and dig into the full report here.

Infographic: Lenovo's 2018 Sustainability Achievements

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