Be You & Flourish with Western Digital (2018 Grace Hopper Celebration)

Western Digital acknowledges and appreciates each employee’s individual unique skills, capabilities and talents. Our employees include engineers who discover new solutions, manufacturing employees who help make these discoveries come to life, quality service employees who assure the class and capabilities of our products, and business service employees who help keep the ship running.

Together, our global workforce helps make data thrive.

We develop great products, pioneer thought leadership, and provide solutions to enable technologically advanced environments.

Western Digital employee appreciation ad

You may have seen a few of our people on billboards and social media, as well as in airports and at conferences. These are our employees—the very same people who discover new solutions, bring technology to life, assure quality products and support the business.  As a company, we celebrate each other’s potential to be the “Next Big Thing in Data”.

Our diverse team and inclusive environments enable innovative approaches and provide opportunities where all employees can learn more about each other and encourage career growth.

Barbara Nelson WITI

In June, Western Digital sponsored the 24th Annual WITI Summit. Our employees networked with industry colleagues; prospective employees met with our professional recruiting teams; and our very own GM & VP, Cloud Services & Software for Consumers Barbara Nelson joined a panel of executive women in technology to share her story of how she made it to the top.

Next up, our employees can be found at the upcoming Grace Hopper Celebration! Meet our teams who will be showcasing our technology, and sharing available career opportunities. Also, be sure to hear from our employees who will host speaking and mentoring sessions. We look forward to connecting with you there!

We’re hiring across the globe. Find the right position for you at Western Digital and help us make data thrive!

Western Digital employees

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