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Three of Lenovo’s women were nominated at the 2023 everywoman in Technology Awards. Why was it important to shine a spotlight on these role models?

I think Lenovo is a little humble about presenting all the volunteering, diversity and inclusion work that it does. There is a lot of activity happening, and many stars are doing amazing work internally, but it is not always externally exposed. Jane Ashworth, who is leading the UK’s chapter of Woman in Lenovo, is a force of nature when it comes to bringing the topic of menopause into the spotlight and discussing the impact it has on women and the entire social and working ecosystem. Meanwhile, Jane Govindsamy, Lenovo South Africa, was nominated for the Tech for Good Award for her work in running several initiatives targeted at bringing young females into STEM, especially from underrepresented groups. Irene Acedo-Rico Gonzalez, EMEA Lenovo Channel Sales Executive Director, is one of our role model executive leaders, leading the relationship with business partners, and always supporting and encouraging new female talents. To see their efforts recognised and represented here is vital too, because it also reflects even more powerfully internally. Plus, we have so many more exceptional role models who were not nominated this time, but through events like this, we empower them to see how they could also be nominated in the future.

How important is it to specifically highlight female talent through everywoman’s awards programme?

Giving this talent visibility is crucial for those who may be just starting out in the industry, or may not have the courage to pursue a career, so they can see it is possible and that there are women in all different areas of tech. That representation gives them courage and empowers others to try. For example, I may not feel confident about going into artificial intelligence, but if I see several women who have had amazing careers in it and who have maybe started in this area later in life, I can relate, and I will have that courage as well. Importantly it should not necessarily be only women at an event like this, but men who are managers and leaders should be included too, so they can see female success in these areas.

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