How a leader in clinical trials moved from 13 phone systems to a unified cloud system with RingCentral MVP


  • Moving to the cloud — consolidated 13 different phone systems into one unified cloud-based system
  • Enabling remote work — 450+ jobs shifted to remote work
  • Easy implementation — simple process lets the IT team implement on their own

From on-premise PBX chaos to simple, cloud-based clarity

When Dave Hennessy was hired in 2018 as Chief Information Officer at Evolution Research Group (ERG), a leader in clinical trials, he knew he had a challenge on his hands. The company had 13 locations and each location had its own phone system, vendors, and applications. Nothing was integrated or centralized. 

“I had 13 different of everything!” said Hennessy. “Each office had aging PBX phone systems, there was no way to transfer calls to other locations. Plus, on-premise phone systems meant staff had to be in the office to take or place calls.” 

Hennessy had a plan. At his previous job, the organization had used RingCentral which provides a unified cloud-based phone, video, messaging, and conference call solution all within one easy app. 

“I knew RingCentral had the features we needed and wouldn’t require any additional equipment,” Hennessy said. 

ERG chose RingCentral MVP, which provides messaging, video, and phone in one app.  

The pandemic hits

When Covid happened, Hennessy and his IT team had to quickly transition people to work from home. They were able to enable  employees to work fully remotely 

RingCentral was particularly beneficial to ERG’s clinical trial recruiting team, who previously had to be located in the office they were recruiting for. With RingCentral, they are able to work from anywhere and recruit for clinical trials regardless of the trial’s location. The recruiting team uses RingCentral’s analytics tool, Live Reports, to track team performance and usage of RingCentral. 

“As so many have experienced during this pandemic, being able to work from anywhere is what has kept business going,” Hennessy said. ERG has conducted Covid clinical trials — making their ability to work remotely to keep trials going even more timely. 

Evolution Research Group moves from 13 phone systems to centralized cloud system with RingCentral MVP

Making change easy

Hennesy’s IT team collaborated with RingCentral’s Professional Services team for their initial implementation. After that, they were able to do it on their own. “It’s a pretty simple process,” said Hennessy. “It hasn’t posed any technical challenges for us.” 

Hennessy continues to implement RingCentral across the company’s now 18 locations. 

“When I was hired for this job, I was hired to consolidate all equipment, vendors, and apps across locations. I had 13 different of everything. RingCentral ended up being the easiest of all the infrastructure consolidations I had to do,” said Hennessy. “I would absolutely recommend RingCentral and so would my team.” 

Originally published Mar 23, 2022

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