Data @ the Center of VMworld – What You Should See

What should you be on the lookout for at VMworld 2019? Complete solutions for clouds and modern data centers. Here’s what you need to know.

VMworld 2019 is just around the corner, and like every year it’s a great place to see today’s rapidly changing IT environment and how to transform it. We’re especially excited to be at this year’s event talking about how to move your strategy from a data center to placing data @ the center of your business and to showcase one of the world’s most expansive lineup of certified solutions supporting VMware ESXi™, VMware vSphere® and VMware vSAN™-Powered Hyperconverged Infrastructures  (HCI) and VMware Cloud Foundation™ solutions.

Data @ the Center

A business’ data is one of its most unique, differentiated, and competitive resources. But to fully unleash this treasure trove for business advantage, IT needs to move beyond supporting data centers to instead realizing the value of data is at the center for the business. We need to place ‘Data @ The Center’ of business to break down silos of Inaccessible data, accelerate performance for mission-critical applications and hybrid-cloud workloads, as well as optimizing virtualized, HCI and hybrid clouds to deliver faster insights and drive competitive advantage.

How to do this? In our booth #1933 we’ll have demos and presentations helping you take the necessary steps to build better ESXi and vSAN HCI solutions leveraging NVMe™. In addition, we will be demoing how to simplify storage management for virtual environments and next-generation architectures and workloads including composable storage infrastructure, multi-cloud architectures and AI and Machine Learning.

Certified ESXi, vSphere and vSAN solutions – Optimized for Your Workload

We’re proud of our partnership with VMware and our expansive portfolio of certified solutions ranging from devices to storage servers and all the way to hybrid, all flash and object storage systems. By architecting our solutions from silicon to systems we can offer optimized, dedicated solutions to meet your capacity, performance, endurance and cost needs.

Ultrastar data center SSD lineup

Cost-Effectively Scaling VM Storage Capacity, vSAN HCI and Cloud Solutions

Scaling storage capacity while maintaining an optimum footprint requires the highest- density hard disk drives available to provide maximum storage in a minimum footprint. We’re proud to lead the way in enterprise capacity hard drives utilizing helium-sealed architecture to provide our densest HDD storage available to help meet this challenge.

At the same time, there is also an urgent need for a flash caching tier to speed up access to this higher capacity. This could be in the form of high-performance, write-optimized SAS SSD, or the extreme performance of NVMe SSDs.

With one of the broadest portfolios of VMware certified HDDs and SSDs, we can help you build the most optimal solution for your virtual environment. Furthermore, our products have been certified with multiple VMware vSAN ReadyNode™ offerings and are available at major OEMs such as HPE, Supermicro and Lenovo among others. This means you don’t have to worry about the nuts and bolts of specific storage, compute, and network components. Systems architects can simply decide if they need all-flash or a hybrid solutions and choose from pre-configured nodes, networking, and storage that are pre-tested for VMware vSAN.

Take Advantage of Our New Storage Servers

The new Ultrastar® Serv24-4N four-node NVMe all-flash and Serv24+6 hybrid storage server platforms, the latter of which being capable of supporting 336TB of HDD storage and up to 48TB of high-performance NVMe flash—balancing both storage density and performance for vSphere and vSAN workloads.

These servers can help you turbocharge your business critical workloads with all-flash NVMe or balance capacity and performance for cost efficient scaling. Whether you need to support high performance VDI environments or require a flash tier with massive HDD capacity in a compact package, Western Digital is bringing new levels of performance, scalability and density for cost-sensitive VMware environments.

Up the Stack to Systems

If you’re looking for a plug and play system to support traditional file and block storage, look no further than the IntelliFlash™ array. Our N-series NVMe flash systems deliver ultra-low latency with high IOPS to accelerate your demanding virtualization jobs. These systems are equipped with our Ultrastar  NVMe SSDs designed to deliver low latency, high throughput and IOPS for demanding virtual machines  applications.

By leveraging our hybrid arrays you can facilitate efficient storage capacity for VM consolidation aimed at reducing the amount of hardware required to run your business and optimize space, power, and cooling efficiency.

Our IntelliFlash arrays provide seamless vCenter integration and a modular design to give you the flexibility to adapt to current project needs, and the ability to efficiently scale performance and capacity as you take on demanding ML, database, analytics projects.

Lastly, data protection. Data is a critical company asset that needs to be protected and accessible. Our ActiveScale™ object storage system can scale to petabytes and allows you to backup your virtualized data to an extreme data durability secondary storage, automate your workflows and enjoy exceptional cost efficiencies.

Supporting All Your Workloads with Data @ the Center

From virtualization to SDS to traditional storage – VMworld will be a great opportunity to see how we can support all of your workloads –– to help you build a data strategy with data @ the center of your business.

data at the center

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