Closing in on Telecom’s Open Future

Co-authored by Jillian Kaplan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Telco 5G Service Provider Solutions.

With the proliferation of global 5G availability, a new era of telecommunications is being brought into existence. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have a once in a decade opportunity to go beyond connectivity and deliver a host of new services to enterprises across every industry.

While 5G is the focal point for this new chapter in telecom’s history, the network transformation taking place to enable its application is equally important — perhaps even more so.

New territory means new complexity

To capitalize on the potential of 5G, the telecom industry must overcome deep technical and strategic challenges including:

    • Systems Integration — Integrating new systems in an Open RAN network can be complex and require new orchestration, automation and management capabilities to master.
    • Security — Multi-vendor open networks bring an increased threat surface area, one that will rely on new security frameworks to safeguard against nefarious acts.
    • Scalability — Early experimentation with Open RAN architectures has been limited to small scale deployments. Ensuring progress achieved at these sites is scalable to larger areas is critical.
    • Interoperability — The value and flexibility multi-vendor open networks deliver may also increase the potential for interoperability issues between certain configurations of hardware and software.
    • Upfront cost — CSPs are investing heavily in network building at a time when traditional income from connectivity services continues to decline.

Progress is nonstop

An industry-wide effort to overcome these challenges is well underway, and landmark accomplishments like the launch of Europe’s first stand-alone 5G network have already been achieved. Such progress is demonstrating the real-world potential of 100% software-enabled, data and AI-driven, fully automated, cloud-native networks. Industry bodies like the O-RAN Alliance are also working hard to develop frameworks, establish standards and share best practices to drive continued progress.

But we can go further.

Interest in 5G and advanced connectivity services is surging among enterprise leaders, and CSPs must act fast to claim their share of the prize. To thrive in the 5G era, providers need to make the most of their newfound freedom from vendor lock-in and form new strategic partnerships.

Fast-track 5G ROI through co-innovation

Dell Technologies has brought together the teams, resources and facilities to power co-innovation across the telecom landscape and accelerate 5G value. As a leading technology provider and integrator with a proven history of consultation and global sales reach, Dell Technologies is dedicated to supporting all stakeholders in telecom’s open future.

Accelerate strategic alliances

The Strategic Alliances Group is comprised of industry experts who initiate and manage close relationships with key partners and Dell Technologies to drive new revenue streams for our partners.

Co-create revenue opportunities

Combining technology, expertise and sales reach, Dell Technologies Solutions Co-Creation Services (SCS) function as a joint venture engine for the conception, realization and commercialization of co-created solutions.

Unite the open ecosystem

Through Strategic Alliances and Solutions Co-Creation Services we are fully committed to working toward the success of 5G for both customers and partners. But just how big is that commitment?

Driving innovation and choice in the creation of​ an open telecom ecosystem

While telecom’s open future is uncharted territory for everyone, collaboration and co-innovation will be key in accelerating returns, securing a market foothold and delivering on the promise of 5G. At Dell Technologies, we are partnering to test and deliver solutions that drive monetization while taking the risk and expense away from CSPs.

We are currently building the Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL) in Austin, TX to be opened in 2022. OTEL is currently dimensioned for up to 200 racks of equipment at 20kW per rack. That’s a 4MW data center dedicated to creating this open telecom ecosystem. In addition, there are plans to build RF chambers for full 5G E2E testing, dedicated labs for joint partner testing, as well as secure access from anywhere in the world such that collaboration does not require a physical presence.

The Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL) brings all stakeholders in telecom’s future together to jointly create the open, cloud native, standards-based solutions needed to deliver on 5G’s full potential.

Building Tomorrow’s Open Solutions

With our enterprise experience, Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to help bring CSP’s telecom strategy into the open and disaggregated era. We can help to transform operations, modernize the network and enhance your telecom services portfolio. We work with CSPs to enable the flexibility, simplicity, scalability and cloud-native capabilities necessary to accelerate innovation and revenue growth.

If you’re interested in co-innovation opportunities with Dell Technologies ahead of OTEL’s site opening in 2022, our experts are available and ready to chat virtually today.


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