Building reliable backup repositories with Synology storage systems

Safe and intelligent storage systems are key to keeping a business running. This is no different for backup systems used to protect IT infrastructure. Synology storage solutions include our Active Backup suite, a powerful family of applications introduced in 2018 to safeguard endpoints, servers, VMs, and even Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace accounts.

At the same time, many businesses run third-party backup software to store backups on their Synology system. In fact, Synology’s range of converged NAS/SAN storage systems has been deployed at tens of thousands of companies worldwide, including nearly half of Fortune 500 companies, to store business-critical data and backups. While the data stored is (hopefully) seldom used, you still need a robust and dependable solution.

Pairing backup solutions with Synology storage

Our customers often deploy Synology systems as reliable storage destinations for backups with products by Nakivo, Acronis, Commvault, and Veeam, among others. Nakivo even offers direct integration with Synology DiskSkation Manager (DSM) through an add-on package available in Synology’s Package Center.

The easiest way to connect storage solutions with any backup software is through file protocols such as SMB or NFS. These enable easy storage and folder management. The second method is to set up designated LUNs, or block storage, essentially providing blank virtual drives to be formatted and managed directly by backup software servers.

Synology systems fully support configuration as backup repository servers managed through DSM, using SMB or NFS protocols, and managed through backup software servers, using LUNs over iSCSI or Fibre Channel1 protocols.

Synology NAS/SAN Protocols
TypeFile Protocol (NAS)File Protocol (NAS)Block (SAN)Block (SAN)
Administrator ManagementEasiestEasyMediumMedium
Remote BackupsYes2Yes3
ScalabilityUp to 200 TB or 1PB5 per folderUp to 200 TB or 1PB5 per folderUp to 200 TB per LUNUp to 200 TB per LUN
Storage protocol support per solution
Veeam Backup & ReplicationVVVV
Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365VXVV
Acronis Cyber ProtectVXV/X6V
NAKIVO Backup & ReplicationVVVX
Commvault Data Protection SuiteVVVV
  1. Available on XS, SA, FS, and HD Series systems.
  2. To other Synology systems, rsync compatible servers, Synology C2 Storage, and S3-compatible destinations. Learn more
  3. To other Synology systems and rsync compatible servers. Cloud destinations require first performing a backup to a local destination. Learn more
  4. Supported on specific systems. Additional requirements apply. Not all data and configurations support deduplication. Learn more
  5. Supported on XS, SA, FS, and HD Series systems. Additional requirements apply. Learn more
  6. Available for specific backup targets.

Dependable backup storage when it counts

Synology NAS/SAN storage systems are powered by DSM, our operating system that makes configuration and operation highly straightforward. A reduced learning curve ensures that IT administrators spend less time digging through documentation or requesting technical support. When every second counts during a backup recovery event, a system with minimal friction can make the difference.

DSM is far more than just a simplified user interface, it packs in quality of life improvements for day-to-day operations, such as centralized performance, security, and backup monitoring across all of your Synology systems through our Active Insight service. Smart storage management features make sure your storage use is efficient through compression and deduplication, and hardware maintenance tasks are easy for any on-site staff to perform.


Most importantly, Synology systems are designed to keep your data intact and secure from external and internal threats. From data snapshots and remote backups to private cloud or hybrid cloud architectures, Synology systems offer a complete selection of flexible solutions to ensure data and service reliability. Learn more about data protection

How to pick a suitable system for your business

We understand that it might be daunting filtering through dozens of systems, comparing specifications, capabilities, and more. This is why our systems differ mostly in three crucial parameters: maximum storage capacity, performance, and price.

Synology Storage System Series
DS SeriesRS SeriesSA SeriesHD SeriesFS Series
Compact and versatileGeneral purpose storageHigh scalabilityHigh densityAll flash storage
Form FactorTowerRackmount
Drive Bays1Up to 36Up to 40Up to 96Up to 300Up to 72 all-flash
Raw CapacityUp to 576 TBUp to 640 TBUp to 1.5 PBUp to 4.8 PBUp to 500 TB
4,719/267 MB/s6,239/3,282 MB/s6,291/3,440 MB/s6,688/6,662 MB/s7,081/6,477 MB/s
Protocol supportAll NAS/SAN
Includes Active Backup suiteYes
Remote BackupsYes
High AvailabilitySupports Synology High Availability
  1. Including expansion units
  2. Sequential SMB read/write throughput at 64 KB block sizes. Performance figures are obtained through internal testing by Synology. See performance charts for more information.

For businesses looking for more flexible and OPEX-oriented solutions, our C2 Object Storage cloud service provides robust, high-performance S3-compatible object storage with support for high transfer volumes at an industry-leading cost.
To find the best solution for your needs, our teams are always on standby to provide free consultation. Contact us

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