Are Competing Initiatives Gridlocking Your Cloud Storage Scalability?

Business demands on IT storage are growing and there is no slowing down in sight. The need for storage extends beyond local on-premises infrastructure to cloud environment. With the onslaught of competing initiatives and new requirements, stress is placed on IT resources to keep pace with big data, application expansion, business innovation and digital transformation.

Strategic placement and flexible scaling of storage across cloud and on-premises infrastructure has become a key priority of the C-suite. Decision makers will need to balance the percentage of storage capacity utilization in the cloud, on-premises data center, and co-location data centers with latency, data gravity, regulatory compliance and application requirements.

Business and IT leaders continue to find themselves tied to their budget, limited by resources and constrained to managing day-to-day maintenance tasks rather than innovating and meeting new business initiatives. The consensus is that a robust pay-per-use storage scalability program can improve IT operations exponentially.

As IT departments rethink how to scale storage up or down, the migration from a CAPEX to an OPEX financial model, exemplified in Dell Technologies APEX Custom Solutions* has become more compelling than ever. APEX Custom offers the ability to scale with customer storage needs.

The findings from an IDC study of APEX Custom Solutions, which show lowering the storage cost of operations by 23%, are striking¹. Once customers moved to the APEX Custom pay-per-use model, the benefits gained were savings on storage cost, better sizing and optimization of capacity, faster access to new storage and quick response to demands of business opportunities.

APEX Custom Solutions

APEX Flex on Demand* is a pay-per use flexible consumption model for custom configurations.** It allows the acquisition of Dell Technologies products and services to meet the changing business with payments that scale to match actual usage while eliminating the need for a large upfront expense and overprovisioning. This translates into the ability to take on one-off projects, meet burst and peak demands and increase storage capacity with workload in private clouds and data centers.

Dell Technologies works with you to forecast and buffer storage capacity, optimize performance and predict costs that align with business and financial objectives. APEX Flex on Demand only charges buffer when used. There is no charge for any capacity greater than 85% of total capacity available. The pricing model allows you, the customer, to push the system without data loss or performance slow down. Get storage capacity on demand when you need it, not in weeks or months.

APEX Data Center Utility* is highly customizable, enabling organizations to move part, or all, of the on-premises, cloud and co-location data center operations into a pay-per-use model. This includes professional services to support and manage the data center and its operations, all within a monthly single-invoice payment based on actual usage.

IT decision makers yearn to have sufficient cash flow to invest in the next-generation cloud platform. The ability to expand IT capabilities is critical to growing business. APEX Data Center Utility can help free up cash tied up in assets by spreading the monthly payments into a predictable rate and can adjust based on actual usage.

Business Value

Why get locked into a fixed storage purchase cost when there is an elastic capacity option to size and scale on an as need basis without being penalized for over or under provisioning? Dell Technologies can help you get back to focusing on the business. APEX Custom Solutions provide:

    • Simplicity to manage and scale storage infrastructure in data centers and cloud.
    • Agility to make strategic business decisions.
    • Control of investment and operational cost.

We invite you to download the IDC Survey and to learn more about APEX Flex on Demand* and APEX Data Center Utility*.

1 Source: IDC Survey commissioned by Dell Technologies “APEX Custom Solutions: A Study of Usage-Based Consumption Models for Storage”, April 2020.

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