A New Dawn for Data Protection Innovation

New Innovations from Dell Technologies Power Up Your Cyber-Defenses to Reduce Risk and Increase IT Efficiency

Tune in to any news outlet and you’re likely to hear about a recent cyberattack. It may be an attack on a small company or a government agency or global organization. Cyberattacks don’t differentiate and they are increasingly persistent at putting organizations and their data at risk.

But, while your organization may not know when a cyberattack is going to hit, you can be ready for when it does.

Our latest Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index 2021 Snapshot, announced today, confirms the need to be cyber-ready with a comprehensive data protection strategy. Dell Technologies is helping our customers prevent these threats with an extensive portfolio of infrastructure with built-in security with the ability to detect and respond to threats. Through our portfolio of innovative solutions and services, customers can protect and recover IT assets in the event of a ransomware or malware attack.

Two of our fastest growing cyber resilience solutions include Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and Ransomware Defender for Dell EMC PowerScale. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects your critical open systems and mainframe backup environments by isolating data from ransomware and other cyberthreats, identifying suspicious activity and helping to ensure recoverability in the event of an attack. Using this solution, you can recover known good data, which enables you to resume business operations faster, avoiding costly downtime and impact to your business and its reputation. At the same time, we’ve also seen significant interest in Ransomware Defender, which supports protection against unusual file activity in PowerScale unstructured data sets.

We continue to innovate across the portfolio to help you keep pace with your evolving data protection needs. Transparent Snapshots, included in our latest release of Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager, is a new and unique way to protect your VMware virtual machines at scale without compromise.

The volume of VMware data continues to grow and protecting that data at scale will only become more challenging. While alternate approaches have attempted to overcome the issues of VM latency and business disruption, all are fraught with undesirable compromises around latency, cost, scalability, performance and complexity. They also lack standardization and introduce complexity. Transparent Snapshots enables you to protect your VMware environments more effectively while overcoming these challenges.

Transparent Snapshots simplifies and automates virtual machine image-level protection and backs up virtual machines without the need to pause them during the backup process. The result is significantly reduced impact to business operations, especially on large, high-change-rate virtual machines. The simplified backup process also reduces infrastructure costs by removing the reliance on proxies for data movement. Transparent Snapshots delivers up to 5x faster backups¹ and up to 5x reduction in VM latency² and effectively and efficiently backs up your virtual machines via a process that requires fewer steps. The result is less impact to your entire VMware environment, ensuring availability of all your virtual machines without disruption.

Smart Scale is another innovation planned for Dell EMC PowerProtect appliances. Smart Scale software will deliver the next generation of scale, mobility and insight for PowerProtect appliances.

Smart Scale will enable pooling of up to 32 PowerProtect appliances, providing over three exabytes of logical capacity, configured under a single namespace. You will also be able to optimize your protection storage with non-disruptive data mobility to guide placement of workloads, perform migrations with automatic client redirection and gain valuable capacity insights and recommendations across the environment to project capacity utilization. Smart Scale will help you keep pace with data growth, drive greater efficiency, and proactively monitor and manage your PowerProtect appliances.

Dell Technologies is focused on helping you secure, protect and recover data in the event of a cyberattack with the industry’s most innovative solutions. Cyberattacks may have evolved, but not at the pace of our ability to address them through innovation and an unwavering commitment to help our customers succeed.

1 When comparing PowerProtect Data Manager 19.9 with Transparent Snapshots backup performance to PowerProtect Data Manager with VADP backup performance. Based on Dell internal testing, August 2021

2 When comparing PowerProtect Data Manager 19.9 with Transparent Snapshots VM latency performance to PowerProtect Data Manger with VADP VM latency performance. Based on Dell internal testing, August 2021

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