Why We See Smarter As the Way Forward

The word smart gets thrown around a lot these days, perhaps to the point where it starts to lose meaning. It seems like there’s a smart version of everything now: smart forks, smart piggy banks, smart diapers. Smart is good. It’s fun. Smarter, though–smarter is where it all comes together. Smarter uplifts and connects. Smarter brings purpose. Smarter explodes convention and upends cliché. Smarter provides a roadmap for transforming how we live, work and play.

Here at Lenovo, we have committed ourselves to creating things that aren’t just smart for the sake of being smart. We want to build things that make your life better, your work more productive and your impact in the world more broad. What kind of impact do we mean? We mean fighting climate change with a supercomputer. Fighting back against cancer with precise real-time feedback in the operating room. Using VR to send kids to outer space. And using AI and big data to feed future generations. (Beats a smart fork every time.)

There are no quick fixes for humanity’s greatest challenges. We don’t have all the answers. But by focusing on smarter tech that connects, we believe we can build the right tools and put them in your hands so you can go be great.

Here’s to thinking deeper and imagining wider. Here’s to making technology less about gigabytes and chips and more about cures, creations and possibilities. Let’s get together, look humanity’s greatest challenges in the eye and disrupt them with intelligence. Join us on the road to smarter.

Learn more: www.lenovo.com/smarter

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