Welcome to Western Digital’s New Blog Site #LetDataThrive

We’re thrilled to kick off 2018 with a brand new blog site to talk about … data. Yes, data.

To most, data is not a new subject. It likely one that you are extremely familiar with. But as a world leader in system and technologies that live everywhere from advanced data centers to mobile sensors to personal devices and more, Western Digital has a unique perspective on it. As data diversifies and transforms, we continue to innovate and play a pivotal role in this process.

Being at this forefront allows us to drive the innovation needed to help you better capture, preserve, access and transform data. It also allows us to share specific knowledge into the changing landscape of technology and what’s next. Big data, fast data, personal data … data, data is everywhere with lots of information to drink, if harnessed and used properly.

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Analysis, News and Much More

This blog site will serve as an essential source of information, ideas and news to make sense of this world in constant flux. We will illuminate how data and technology are changing our world and give guidance on tackling evolving markets, industries, environments as well as emerging applications and architectures. You can access in-depth analysis and exclusive news across the entire Western Digital portfolio including HGST, SanDisk, Tegile and WD brands. We will also provide a peek inside who Western Digital is–our culture, activities and our continual efforts in being a responsible global citizen.

So dig in. We encourage you to use the smart topic filters and intuitive tagging structure to access the articles and topics that matter most to you. Also note that posts and feeds from our popular Data Center Tech Blog and OEM Solutions Blog sites have been folded into this one. Please drop us a note in our blogs or social channels if you have suggestions, questions or comments. We welcome your feedback.

Here at Western Digital, we help create environments for data to thrive. We look forward to sharing our stories and celebrating the power and potential of data with you.


One last note, our social media channels will also be undergoing a transformation. Please make a note and follow our channels that match your interest at:


  • @WesternDigital for the latest company news and how data is changing our world.
  • @WesternDigiDC for the latest news, insights and trends on how to capture, preserve, access and transform data.


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