Upgrading Performance, Networking and Multi-cloud Support: PowerProtect DD6400

Today, we are happy to announce that we are adding a new model to the industry leading PowerProtect DD series appliance portfolio, the next generation of Data Domain. From a capacity perspective the new model, the DD6400, sits between the existing DD3300 and DD6900 models. The DD6400 is the next evolution of the DD6300 with upgrades to performance, networking and multi-cloud support.

DD6400 Overview

The DD6400 will start at an entry level of 8TB of usable capacity, can scale up to 172TB of usable capacity and is designed for the commercial and smaller enterprise market segments as well as remote sites for large enterprise customers. Like other DD series appliance models, the DD6400 will be available in all supported regions around the world. At launch, the DD6400 will be running DDOS 7.7, the most recent appliance operating system.

DD6400 Next Gen Performance

The DD6400 delivers significant performance capabilities. In addition to offering available 25GBe connectivity ports, like all DD series appliances, the DD6400 includes a hardware assisted compression card that typically delivers 30% more logical capacity per TB, which yields a data deduplication ratio of typically 65x*. This data deduplication ratio enables the DD6400 to provide up to 11.2PB of logical capacity when configured to the maximum usable capacity of 172TB, which represents a 25% increase in logical capacity from the previous generation appliance.

The DD6400 will support throughput of up to 12.7 TB/hr and when using DD Boost you can expect a throughput speed of up to 27.7 TB/hr.

Multi-cloud optimized

Moving away from speeds and feeds, the DD6400 is also multi-cloud optimized. The DD6400 supports Dell EMC Cloud Tier, which provides up to 2 times the active tier for cloud capacity that can be used for long-term retention of data to public, private or hybrid clouds. Cloud Tier is included with the DD6400 at no extra cost. For example, if you purchase a DD6400 with 32TB of usable capacity, you will automatically get a license for 64TB of usable capacity with Cloud Tier.

The inclusion of Cloud Tier isn’t the only enhanced capability included with the DD6400. The appliance also ships with licenses for DD Boost and DD Replicator, providing you with more capabilities from day one.

DD6400 grows with your data

Like other DD series appliance models, the DD6400 allows for capacity expansion, enabling it to grow with your data. The DD6400 supports the ES40 shelves from Dell EMC and you can add up to two expansion shelves as needed. The base system starts at 8TB usable capacity and allows you to grow in 4TB increments up to 32TB. The first expansion shelf will take you from 32TB up to 104TB, while continuing to grow in 4TB increments. The second expansion shelf enables you to increase capacity from 104TB up to the maximum configuration of 172TB usable capacity, also in 4TB increments. As mentioned, once you max out the DD6400 with two additional disk shelves, you are able to manage an additional 344TB of usable capacity for long-term retention in the cloud.

A clear winner

The DD6400 is a modern purpose-built backup appliance that supports the needs of commercial customers, small enterprises, and remote sites for large enterprises. With cyber security at the forefront of the IT landscape we are happy to announce that the DD6400 will support the Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution. After all, everyone needs a cyber vault. The DD6400 is also included in the Dell Technologies Future-Proof Loyalty Program to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Now is a great time to look into PowerProtect DD series appliances to expand your protection storage capacity or as an upgrade for legacy systems. If you have any questions or would like to learn more make sure you reach out to your Dell Technologies account representative.

*When compared to previous generation. Based on Dell EMC internal testing and field telemetry data. April 2021. Actual results may vary.

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