Three Ways to Simplify Multi-cloud Data Protection

According to ESG, many IT organizations continue to report a shortfall in cloud, data protection and cyber security skill sets. With skill sets in short supply and cloud data protection complexity on the rise, organizations need simplified and more automated ways to protect and secure their critical data assets wherever they reside.

As the leader in multi-cloud data protection, Dell Technologies is delivering unique cloud data protection solutions that can help you simplify data protection and cyber-resiliency across your environment. Let’s look at three ways we deliver these capabilities today.

    1. Multi-cloud integration. Our customers have the flexibility and choice to deploy PowerProtect cloud data protection solutions on-premises, in the cloud or on the edge – through integrated appliances or software-defined solutions. These solutions are easy to deploy and easy to manage and help automate backup and DR to the cloud to ensure the protection of VMs, Kubernetes containers, cloud-native apps and SaaS workloads. Our solutions are also consumable in the public cloud marketplace (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform), enabling customers like Sentara Health, to draw down on their committed cloud spend while enjoying a consistent way to efficiently protect any workload across their hybrid, multi-cloud estate. And what’s more, our solutions are up to 80% more efficient protecting data in the cloud then competitive offerings¹, which can result in significant savings as organizations push more of their data into the public cloud to support DR, backup and long-term archiving requirements.
    1. VMware integration. In addition to providing comprehensive protection for VMware VMs and Kubernetes containers, our Data Protection Suite integrates with vCenter to automate the discovery and protection of any VMware workload. Our customers can automate the protection of VMs and containers on-premise, at the edge and across multi-cloud to ensure that critical data and workloads are always protected. And to further simplify and automate administrative tasks, our customers are leveraging our powerful REST APIs, SDKs and extensive Ansible libraries.
    1. Integrated cyber-resiliency. Isolation, immutability and intelligence are the three key capabilities required to ensure critical data is protected and recoverable from cyberthreats such as ransomware. As a Sheltered Harbor certified offering, our cyber-recovery solutions ensure that critical data is isolated in an air-gapped vault (on-premises or in the cloud), that is offline, immutable and inaccessible to bad actors. Moreover, these solutions further mitigate risk by performing full content indexing of protected data with artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to detect and remediate threats. Our integrated data protection and cyber-recovery solutions also deliver automated recovery workflows so that when the unexpected happens, our customers can rapidly recover their critical data assets.

These are just a few examples of how we continue to innovate across our data protection portfolio to help our customers simplify data protection and cyber-resiliency, reduce costs and build a flexible foundation for the future so that they can spend less time on infrastructure and more time focusing on innovation to better serve their customers. As the #1 provider of data protection appliances and software², look to Dell Technologies to bring more of the multi-cloud data protection innovation you need to be successful as you continue your journey into the data decade and beyond.

1 Based on economic validation by ESG commissioned by Dell Technologies “Understanding the Economics of In-cloud Data Protection: A Dell EMC Data Protection Solution Designed with Cost Optimization in Mind”, September 2021. Results were derived from comparing Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager with PowerProtect DDVE against four competitors

2 Based on combined revenue from the IDC 1Q21 Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) Tracker, with select Storage Software segments from the 1Q21 Storage Software and Cloud Services

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