The Ultrastar SS300 – Our Highest-Performing SAS SSD to Date

Today, we announced the Ultrastar® SS300 – our newest generation of our popular SAS SSD, integrating advanced controller technology with 3D NAND. With twice the write performance, higher capacities, and better data durability than our previous generation along with the best SAS SSD watt per IOPs consumption – there’s a lot to get excited about!

The Ultrastar SS300 – Power the Most Challenging Workloads with Greater Efficiency

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From Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), to video pre/post-production, ultra-high performance tier-0 enterprise storage, e-commerce or database analytics – businesses are pressed for faster data access and require performance consistency for stringent application service level agreements (SLAs). This next generation of SAS SSDs delivers ultra-high performance to help you address data access challenges and power the most challenging workloads.

The Ultrastar SS300 is based on our latest controller technology and contains a multi-core architecture which enable us to nearly saturate the 12Gb/s SAS interface with up to 2100MB/s sequential read throughput. It offers the highest read/write performance at 14W operating power, delivering up to 400,000 read and 200,000 write IOPS—double the random write speed of our current 12Gb/s SSDs— and delivering the best SAS SSD IOPs/Watt
for industry leading operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Trust Your Data to Extraordinary Durability and Security

Data is the most valuable asset of your company. That’s why our advanced
technology ensures complete end-to-end data protection, with enhanced error detection and correction for optimal data integrity even during power failure.

The Ultrastar SS300 family achieves an extraordinary 0.35% annual failure rate (AFR), or 2.5 million hours mean-time- between-failure (MTBF). For extreme write-intensive applications, the 3.2TB 10 DW/D capacity Ultrastar SS300 supports unlimited reads and endures up to 59 petabytes of random writes. That’s the equivalent of writing 32 terabytes per day, for five years!

To help protect user data from unauthorized access we offer various security options, utilizing cryptographic hardware modules that employ FIPS-approved algorithms. These options include crypto sanitize models that insure all user data is swiftly retired such as during drive redeployment or disposal. To address security access among multiple users or services there are drive models that support independently controlled data bands compliant with industry-standard TCG Enterprise protocols.

Supporting a Broad Range of Needs

No two workloads are alike. We understand that you need tailored solutions to power your applications. The Ultrastar SS300 family provides capacities ranging from 400GB to 7.68TB, various endurance levels and power options to support a broader range of customer needs than ever before.

The 2.5” form factor and HDD architecture commonality allows for compatibility with our Ultrastar SAS HDDs. We ensure interoperability and compliance through testing and extensive systems integration so that you can rely on cost effective, end-to-end enterprise-class storage solutions.

A Powerful Legacy

I joined the company back in 2010 when we were known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. Since then we have shipped millions of Ultrastar SAS SSDs!

Western Digital is a leader in SAS SSD shipments. We have tremendous experience in building class-leading SAS SSDs, and the Ultrastar SS300 builds upon that legacy. Our HGST-brand drives are the ideal choice to help you meet the needs of escalating reliability, endurance, and performance. You can trust your most demanding workloads to depend on the Ultrastar SS300.

Learn more about the Ultrastar SS300 here.

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