The Big 5 – Questions on Data and Technology with Tegile

We asked five questions on the impact of technology, the future of data, and business with Narayan Venkat, Chief Marketing Officer at Tegile.

Narayan Venkat
Narayan Venkat, Chief Marketing Officer, Tegile

Data has changed the way we live more than we could have ever imagined. It’s assisting us in critical-business decisions, it is the new economy driving our world. Our ability to define, connect, and leverage insights is enabled by a wave of technological innovation and a profound evolution in storage architecture. We asked tech leaders five questions about their perspective on the prolific changes happening in data center technology and where they think data and businesses are heading.

What technology has impacted your life the most?

Good question, I’d probably say it was the Internet more than anything. Let me give you my perspective. I came to the United States back in ‘88 as a young engineer. Back then email was relatively new, there were discussion boards on the net, with seeds of early implementation of what we’d later call the web browser. Up until then it was really difficult to get information, particularly as a student from India – we had access to very little information about what was going on in the United States.  I got my first job at Intel by posting my resume on one those early electronic bulletin boards. I’d say that’s probably one of things that impacted my career the most. It got me on the right footing working for a Silicon Valley company

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Smart devices, what’s your favorite one?

The smartest device we have is our cell phone or our smart phone – I wouldn’t even call it a cell phone. Everything is rolled into one; it’s a PDA, it’s your email, it’s your laptop on the go. It’s your primary tool to communicate with others, to get the latest information quickly at your fingertips.  It’s your primary tool to track the amount of calories you’re burning on a daily basis. It gives you the maps of where you’re running – it’s just fascinating. You use it to control the other smart devices connected in your home; it’s the primary device you’re interacting with.

Best piece of career advice you received

Be unafraid to go explore new things in your life. You’ve got to look at your career as an 11 inning stretch. You’re going to strike out a few times, you’re going to get a few singles, maybe a few doubles; and occasionally you’re going to hit a home run that you will be extremely proud of.  You can then look back at your life and say “Wow, that was fun!” Along the way you’ve got to try different things. You’re going to be thrown a few curve balls, you’re going to be thrown a few fast balls. You’re going to play in different ball parks. You have to figure how to adapt to those changing situations. Don’t be afraid to try new things, let a career evolve and grow, and let opportunities come along the way.

If you had more time, what would you like to do?

I would probably learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI). I think there is a wave of interesting technologies driven by AI that are going to have a big impact on our lives going forward.  We’re starting to see quite a bit of AI creeping into our lives today. We take for granted digital assistants and we’re also seeing the evolution of self-driving cars. It’s not mainstream yet, but we will see broader adoption in the next few years. We’ve seen the use of AI in games like chess and even a popular TV quiz show. Think of the impact AI can have on tackling real-world problems – cancer diagnosis, precision medicine, drug creation.  With AI and machine learning, processing massive amounts of information to find that needle in the haystack, can help us substantially in our lifetime.

How is Tegile changing the industry?

That is a great question! If you step back and think about what has happened in the last 15-20 years, we have been exposed to more information than ever before.  The challenge is how to harness such information and get deeper insights, or make decisions faster?  How can you use IT infrastructure to react, or even be proactive, in terms of how to run the business. Tegile is in the business of accelerating the transformation of enterprise IT infrastructure. How? By dramatically changing the performance and economics of enterprise storage.

With the intelligent use of flash technology, like with our IntelliFlash™ HD solution, our storage arrays deliver superior high performance with very low latency for business applications. And what does that do in turn? It enables faster analytical insight, quicker decision making and all the other things we’ve been talking about.

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The combination of Tegile’s IntelliFlash solution with the InfiniFlash™ platform delivers the industry’s first flash storage platform that brings hyperscale performance and economics to the enterprise data center. With IntelliFlash HD, enterprise customers can dramatically accelerate their business applications, eliminate storage silos, and achieve huge economic benefits of hyper-consolidation (up to 5 million IOPS and 10PB of effective capacity in a single rack at under 50 cents per effective GB).

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