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As one of Dell’s core eBusiness solutions, Premier Solutions is a customized procurement platform for local needs that allows access to complete lines of products and services with competitive pricing via centrally managed catalogs. Premier offers you a suite of online solutions allowing you to purchase, track, and manage your IT assets more efficiently through all phases of product ownership.

Premier provides medium and enterprise businesses with a customized, secure online toolset for purchasing, reporting, and product support. Modernize your technology purchasing and free up your IT organization to focus on the bigger picture. Save time and money by shopping our catalog on a tailored site that simplifies purchasing and gives you greater control over the entire procurement ecosystem. All complimentary and backed by your Dell Technologies Account Team.

How can your business benefit from using Premier?

Premier helps to simplify purchasing by cutting costs, user errors, and delivery times with a single customizable site. By standardizing ordering across roles and automating routine processes, you can take the guess work out of choosing the right products, eliminate redundancy and waste, and reduce unwanted security risks.

Premier helps leverage reporting. Gain more control with built-in management and reporting features such as: upfront inventory and pricing, real-time order tracking, monitoring spend, and robust reporting insights. 

You can rely on Premier’s team of experts to help you reshape and revolutionize your procurement process. Premier is a complimentary solution that will allow your business to gain access to our comprehensive/extensive online catalog, save with special Dell Premier pricing, and lean on our decades of experience. Join the cutting edge of IT purchasing and discover the ease of working with Dell Technologies. We’ve got advanced solutions for your complex business needs.

Modernize your IT procurement, set up integration with Premier

Connect & Grow: Seamlessly integrate your existing ERP system with Premier from catalog to checkout to delivery—eliminating errors and redundancy—with zero downtime.

Ditch the Paperwork: Take advantage of business-optimizing features like electronic invoicing for US regions, and payments to minimize your operating costs and your environmental footprint.

Dell laptop open to Dell Technologies Premier Solutions page with reflection off the screen of people talking. Global customers, make Premier your one-stop-shop

Shop Global: Browse the full catalog on a single, consistent online portal that tailors product options, currency, and quotes based on country selection. Please note that Global procurement is only available to customers enrolled in the Global Customer Program.

Modernize & Save: Manage global orders with next-level optimization. Save time and money by streamlining technology updates across your entire IT ecosystem.

Set the Standard: Standardize pricing, equipment, configurations, and services across your organization, backed by Dell Technologies’ commitment to world-class quality and support.

Already using ITSM software? Invest in self-service purchasing

Take the Lead: Kick your digital transformation into overdrive by allowing end users to be in control of ordering their own devices and receiving order status alert.

Automate Everything: Tie your procurement to workflow, refresh dates, and onboarding with one unified solution—tailored to your specific needs by Dell Technologies’ industry-leading expert.

You can learn more about modernizing your IT procurement by visiting Premier Solutions.

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