Storage strategies to Control Your Technology Future at OCP

It’s OCP US Summit 2017 time! If you are not familiar, Open Compute Project (OCP) brings together a collaborative community working towards “redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure.”

Ultimately OCP hopes to emulate the collaboration we see in open source software within the hardware space.

The theme this year is “take control of your technology future.” From IoT, omni-channel commerce and analytics to traditional industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and banking/financial services, the future is rich with digital transformation.

As digital transformation projects get underway, a continued area of focus for data center efficiency is contending with today’s data deluge.

One way the world is contending with data volume is by embracing cloud-based solutions. Of course this puts an increased strain on cloud computing and cloud storage providers. The interconnectivity of the cloud also means that success or failure is a group effort.

It’s no surprise then that the need for ever-increasing data center (local, remote or “cloud”) resiliency, performance, capacity and economics will continue to be of interest at this year’s show.

Much of what will be shown and discussed at the show however will be new ways to “make.” Fresh and improved compute rack design for new computing sleds (both 19 inch and 21 inch). The next wave of automated provisioning technologies. All progress here will require advancements in compute and storage.

Rise of software importance in open compute will also be a key topic.

We’ve been in storage a long time. Not earthshattering news, but, we feel we know a thing or two about having a storage strategy that will help you contend with the digital transformation era. Especially solved through open computing standards.

We feel part of this strategy should include an understanding of the transition from 2D NAND based flash storage products to 3D NAND products.

As data volumes grow, we can only achieve data storage efficiency through the successful transition to the next innovation in storage technologies. Walter Hinton, senior global director of Enterprise and Client Compute Solutions Marketing, will speak to “The State of the Solid State Drive (SSD) – a briefing on market forces bringing us 3D NAND flash storage.”

We will also introduce you to our broad portfolio of solutions to help conquer the data explosion.

So stop by our booth B2 at OCP. Look forward to chatting about storage strategies, open compute and hey, why not, California weather.

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