STEM at Home: Lava Lamp

Ready. Set. Glow. We’re creating a homemade lava lamp to use as a custom Zoom background on this episode of STEM at Home.

Lava Lamp: Stuff You Need

Step-by-Step Instructions

Lava Lamp: 1

Fill 2/3 of jar with cooking oil. 


Lava Lamp: 2

Fill the rest of the jar with water.


Lava Lamp: 3

Let the oil settle below the water.


Lava Lamp: 4

Add 6-7 drops of food coloring.


Lava Lamp: 5

Add 4-5 effervescent tablets to the jar.


Lava Lamp: 6

Wait for the tablets to begin to fizz.


Lava Lamp: 7

Take a picture with your phone.


Lava Lamp: 8

Upload to your Zoom profile.


Lava Lamp: 9

Call your friends with this cool new Zoom background.

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