SkyKey Makes Securely Setting Up and Managing Wi-Fi Networks Easy

The EnGenius SkyKey appliance makes deploying, managing, troubleshooting, and scaling your small to mid-size business Wi-Fi network easy.

As your business grows, so will the demands on your network. More people, more offices, more customers all mean more data – and more demands for access. One of the networking areas showing the most growth is Wi-Fi deployments. Wi-Fi markets are projected to reach 15.6 billion in sales by 2022, driven by an increase in BYOD polices and the need to support connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Wi-Fi 6 Changes Everything

The introduction of Wi-Fi 6 in 2019 is a huge event for networking. It promises to support the ever-increasing number of connected devices at faster speeds with more reliable connections. This means that more people will expect to be connected all the time with an excellent experience.

This means that you must be sure that your Wi-Fi network can scale to meet these new connectivity and performance demands. Your Wi-Fi deployment may need to be expanded or, at the very least, upgraded to meet new standards. As your Wi-Fi network grows with your business, you may want to expand deployment and management functionality to reach larger areas and other sites. As your on-premises devices and services grow, you may need a solution that can manage the entire network remotely.

Deploying, expanding, or upgrading a Wi-Fi deployment can be complicated – especially with the need to manage and troubleshoot the Wi-Fi network. Fortunately, EnGenius has an excellent solution to speed up and simplify Wi-Fi network deployment and management: EnGenius SkyKey.

EnGenius SkyKey Reduces Wi-Fi Complexity

EnGenius SkyKey – a device smaller than the average smartphone – removes the need for the dedicated full workstation or server usually required for managing a fully on-premises wireless network. Equipped with user-friendly software, the plug-and-play device prevents IT professionals from spending hours going through a challenging installation or maintenance. With SkyKey, you can simply attach an access point (AP) to a switch, the switch to SkyKey, and you can then immediately begin controlling Wi-Fi access using the user-friendly web browser interface.

SkyKey acts as an integrated computer equipped with built-in sophisticated network management software and powerful state-of-the-art hardware. SkyKey is powered by simply plugging it in to any 802.3af/at Power Over Ethernet (PoE) switch, or by using DC12V power.

With SkyKey, you can manage your Wi-Fi network on-premises or remotely via a cloud service. This grants admins full control over the managed network of choice. The device includes integrated and sturdy magnet strips so that IT professionals can attach it to any metal surface – saving valuable office space.

SkyKey can easily be added to manage EnGenius Wireless Access Points and Switches from both remote and local sites. IT managers or administrators at small and medium businesses can use SkyKey to manage access points and switches quickly and easily.

SkyKey’s intuitive interface securely provides efficient device management, cloud accessibility that allows cloud management of multiple SkyKey’s from a single portal, and visibility without requiring a dedicated server, and provides:

IT administrators can choose cloud or direct on-premises network management. This gives them full control over the managed network. SkyKey also allows administrators to use a combination of both methods to create the most efficient process for their company.
With its compact size and magnetic backing, SkyKey easily fits into small spaces and stays securely attached to a metal surface (like a switch or switch rack).
SkyKey provides a single place to view the status and analytics of each device. You can perform administrative tasks for both wired and wireless devices.
There is no complex installation or integration. SkyKey is simply plug and play.
Since SkyKey is installed at each deployment site, the device offers an always on, secure single sign-on service.

EnGenius Wi-Fi Solutions Help Businesses Get Wi-Fi Right

SkyKey is one component of EnGenius’ Wi-Fi solutions package. Whether you are a small, medium, or enterprise-class business, EnGenius solutions can help you plan, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot any sized Wi-Fi network.

SkyKey is one component of EnSky’s suite of tools that help deploy managed Wi-Fi with existing on-site network or by building customized networks from scratch.

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