Simplifying SaaS Data Protection on AWS Marketplace

Today, Dell Technologies announced the availability of Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service via AWS Marketplace, providing easy access for organizations who want to take advantage of the cloud for scalable, secure protection for SaaS applications, endpoints and hybrid workloads. PowerProtect Backup Service can be deployed in AWS in minutes and provides on-demand scaling to ensure growing data volumes are always protected, making it simple for you to immediately start using the service.

With the availability of PowerProtect Backup Service as a transactable offer through AWS Marketplace, you have access to the offering by leveraging your existing AWS subscription to draw down on your AWS committed-spend. What’s more, Dell Technologies gives you flexibility, allowing you to purchase PowerProtect Backup Service how you want – either directly through Dell, or through AWS Marketplace.

PowerProtect Backup Service is built upon a scalable, cloud native architecture that offers substantial cost savings over legacy, on-premises solutions, the patented global deduplication, and forever-incremental backups dramatically reduce the amount of data stored which further reduces overall costs. The platform offers unique features including long term retention, governance, centralized monitoring and management, automated feature updates, regulatory compliance, source-side deduplication and encryption in-flight and at rest.

Through a single console, customers have unified visibility and a consistent management experience across SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid workloads.

Protection for SaaS Based Applications: PowerProtect Backup Service for SaaS Apps protects Microsoft 365, Salesforce and Google Workspace with unified data protection, management, and information governance, including automated compliance and legal hold.

Protection for Endpoints: PowerProtect Backup Service for Endpoints provides centralized, secure protection for desktop, laptops and mobile devices. IT admins can remotely manage cloud backup and restore operations from centralized cloud portal.

Protection for Hybrid Workloads: PowerProtect Backup Service for Hybrid Workloads protects VMware & Hyper-V, Oracle & SQL, Windows, Linux and NAS. PowerProtect Backup Service for Hybrid Workloads offers advanced functionality including long-term retention, reporting and insight into cloud storage utilization. It protects workloads running in the cloud and on-premises workloads to the cloud.

Protect your data while taking advantage of the agility and flexibility of the cloud. PowerProtect Backup Service eliminates ingress/egress charges and enables you to respond to key business initiatives with agility.

Expect Dell EMC Data Protection to continue to build upon transactable offers in AWS Marketplace, stay tuned for more details.

To learn more about PowerProtect Backup Service, please visit here.

To learn more about Dell EMC Data Protection Solutions for AWS, please visit here.

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