Simplify Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Use Cases with Storage-as-a-Service

Hybrid and multi-cloud strategies make it possible to select the optimal location for your data. However, when data is created, processed and stored on-premises, at the edge and in multiple cloud environments, management can become complex. As organizations seek to leverage data and applications in all these locations, they need solutions designed to streamline management.

Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled data services brings Azure data services on-premises, creating a consistent management experience for applications and databases regardless of where they reside. When combined with SQL Server 2019, organizations can create a hybrid cloud experience that embraces data virtualization while respecting the laws of data gravity. This begs the question then, how can you extend this cloud experience to the supporting, underlying infrastructure foundation while meeting your business’ requirements for a cost efficient, easy to deploy and scalable solution?

Illustration of a cloud over a person's hand.As businesses embrace a Microsoft hybrid cloud, their IT organizations need to be prepared with a data management strategy that makes use of and supports all data, structured and unstructured, wherever it lives. Designing and building the right solution — from edge, to private, to public, to hybrid cloud — requires a combination of the right expertise and infrastructure. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a consumable, flexible and scalable approach. It requires Dell Technologies APEX As-a-Service Solutions for Microsoft.

APEX solutions deliver a secure and consistent multi-cloud experience across the entire IT environment with flexible pay-as-you-use models. These solutions and support services are designed to ensure a rapid and sustainable path to delivering hybrid cloud capabilities, including Microsoft’s Azure hybrid cloud.

As a strategic Microsoft partner, Dell Technologies engineering teams collaborated with Microsoft to ensure that APEX Data Storage Services followed the proper Azure Arc validation process for both Kubernetes and enabled data services as defined by Microsoft. Our validated solution gives customers the confidence of knowing we have met Microsoft’s most exacting standards for an enterprise grade hybrid cloud solution.

With APEX Data Storage Services and Azure Arc-enabled data services, managing on-premises Microsoft SQL Server in a hybrid world just became easier. From removing data silos, to consolidated database instances, to enabling more agile workloads, to ensuring the SQL Server based applications performance capacity requirements are met. The APEX Console provides a unified and seamless experience to manage your entire APEX journey, enabling agile IT service delivery by reducing complexity. This intuitive console allows administrators to onboard stakeholders, control access and manage individual privileges, so they have self-service access. It is the single place to subscribe, provision, operate and monitor APEX Data Storage Services workloads.

Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services and Azure Arc-enabled data services.

The challenges of Microsoft SQL Server in a hybrid cloud scenario are significantly reduced with the combination of Azure Arc-enabled data services and APEX Data Storage Services. Get up and running quickly with a 14-day time-to-value objective¹ and do it confidently with Storage as-a-Service designed for 99.9999% availability.² APEX Data Storage Services allows seamless scaling of capacity, as well as simple pricing with a single rate for base and on-demand capacity. There is no penalty for the flexibility of on-demand, elastic usage, so it’s easy to plan ahead and optimize your service for performance, capacity and cost.

Learn more about how you can take advantage of these agile and flexible as-a-service digital technologies from a true a leader in infrastructure solutions. Spend less time managing your hybrid cloud infrastructure and more time on driving greater innovation from your Microsoft data estate.

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¹ TTV measured between order acceptance and activation. Subject to customer credit approval and site qualification, which must be completed before order placement, and customer participation in pre-deployment planning. Product availability, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. US only.

² Based on hardware availability on common underlying platform configurations. Actual hardware may vary.

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