Screen Mirroring Annotations Arrive on Ditto

Get ready to add your personal touch to shared content with the new Ditto annotations feature. Add notes, shapes, drawings and more to mirrored content while sharing from Mac and Windows devices.

Download the latest version of Ditto Connect for Mac or Ditto Connect for Windows to begin annotating. Ensure you are also running the latest version of Ditto receiver. 

Ditto screen mirroring annotations

Use Ditto annotations to highlight important on-screen content and guide your audience while teaching or presenting. Annotations are a great way to show or suggest edits, emphasize a point and direct attention to a certain spot on the screen in real time.  

Ditto screen mirroring using annotations on Windows


Ditto annotation toolbar options

Access annotations via the new annotations toolbar in the Ditto Connect app on Mac and Windows. The Ditto annotations toolbar provides a number of options that allow you to customize how markups appear while collaborating wirelessly: 





Free draw

Adjustable line thickness

Undo last annotation

Change annotation colors

Edit fill color

Edit outline color

Option to allow annotations to disappear after 10 seconds

Option to delete all annotations on screen


Drawing over screen mirrored content while using Ditto annotations

How to use Ditto annotations

Make sure you are using the latest versions of Ditto Connect and Ditto receiver. 

  • Open Ditto Connect on Mac or Windows
  • Enter a Ditto room code to connect to your Ditto receiver-enabled display
  • Click the sketchpad icon to open the annotations toolbar (pictured below)

    Ditto Annotations UI

  • Select an option in the toolbar to begin annotating (pictured below)

    Ditto Annotations Toolbar

Get Ditto 

A Ditto account is required to use Ditto Connect applications. Create an account and try Ditto free for 30 days.

Already use Ditto? Download the latest Ditto Connect and Ditto receiver updates here

Share wirelessly like a pro at work or school

Ditto brings cross-platform, multi-display and multi-device screen mirroring capabilities to any space. It’s the best and easiest way to share content wirelessly in collaborative environments. Ditto is trusted by some of the biggest names in tech and education.

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