Powering Data Analytics the Easy Way — From the APEX

Enabling 360-degree customer views. Delivering the right content to shoppers at the right time. Predicting machine failures proactively. These are just a few examples of the countless use cases enabled by data analytics solutions running on high performance computing systems — and they are becoming more important with each passing day.

That’s evident in the investments organizations are making in analytics solutions to better serve their customers, improve their operations and enhance security. This is a point IDC emphasizes in a recent report noting that worldwide spending on big data and business analytics (BDA) solutions is forecast to top $215 billion this year, an increase of more than 10 percent over 2020.¹

“Firms in the professional services industry, for instance, are utilizing Big Data and analytics to support their 360-degree customer and client management efforts, as well as advanced project management initiatives,” IDC notes. “Banks are using BDA solutions to improve customer onboarding while simultaneously automating business operations and detecting and preventing fraud. Even slower moving industries like construction have started to fuel investments in extended supply chain planning and interconnected and collaborative workspaces.”

Clearly, the momentum for data analytics solutions is as high as it has ever been. So how do get there? In short, head to the APEX with Dell Technologies.

The APEX answer

Organizations need solutions that simplify and accelerate the process of acquiring the infrastructure and services to run data-intensive modern workloads. And that’s the idea behind the Dell Technologies portfolio of APEX Custom Solutions. These solutions give you what you need to create your own on-demand environment with infrastructure and services you customize to order, accessed via a pay-per-use consumption model or an enterprise-scale managed utility.

This portfolio includes Dell Technologies APEX for Analytics, a custom solution that is designed to unlock the value of an organization’s data capital.

Here are a few of the ways APEX for Analytics helps your organization.

    • Create value from data — Deliver analytics to turn your data into a tangible asset and source of revenue. Go from managing infrastructure to exploring data to power your digital business.
    • Simplify your data landscape — Leverage analytics solutions that span edge, core and multi-cloud. Make all your data available for the entire business with solutions that don’t confine you to a single hub or cloud.
    • Protect and secure your data — Secure data assets with Dell Technologies analytics solutions to reduce risk with advanced security. Improve data mobility across heterogeneous environments.

Benefits like these are delivered via use cases that span the range of enterprise operations. APEX for Analytics can help your organization gain a 360-degree view of individual customers, analyze data from any source — from business applications to mobile devices — and enable real-time remote monitoring and alerts.

A case study

The power of data analytics emerges most clearly in real-world use cases. That’s the way it is with Taboola, the world’s leading discovery and native advertising platform.

Drawing on the power of data analytics and AI models, Taboola drives recommendation engines that suggest the most relevant items to a particular customer based on patterns and preferences. And the company does it all on a massive scale — Taboola provides the right recommendation 30 billion times daily across 4 billion web pages, processing up to 150,000 requests per second. Read the case study.

Key takeaway

Here’s the bottom line: In a digitally driven economy, a business can’t succeed without making the optimal use of its data. And with Dell Technologies APEX for Analytics, you can unlock the value of the data capital spread across your enterprise.

Ready to accelerate your move to business operations driven by data analytics? Get to the APEX with Dell Technologies.

1 IDC, “Global Spending on Big Data and Analytics Solutions Will Reach $215.7 Billion in 2021, According to a New IDC Spending Guide,” August 7, 2021.

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