NVMe™: A Guide To Adoption

As we mentioned in April, “NVMe, NVMe, NVMe,” and you are probably continuing to hear about it around every corner. In May, we tried to amp up our NVMe conversation to help you dive further into the nitty-gritty details of what NVMe may mean for you and your organization.  As you proceed to map out your data strategy and evaluate how you may be able to tap into the benefits of NVMe or how to tackle NVMe adoption, we will continue to provide valuable content that can help you on your journey.

Your NVMe Adoption Guide

Our recent NVMe guide focused on helping you to better understand NVMe and determine if it’s right for you. So, now that you understand NVMe technology and its potential benefits for your IT and business goals, we’ve continued to expand our NVMe guide to help you better understand the path to successful adoption.

1. NVMe Promises A Lot, but What Are Some of the Possible Challenges?

• Read our blog on the Top 4 Challenges to NVMe Adoption

2. Can I Deploy NVMe in My Current Infrastructure?

• Check out this webinar on “How to Leverage NVMe-Based Storage in Existing FC SAN and iSCSI Environments

• Watch these Lightboard Videos:

1. How to Manage NVMe Storage

2. NVMe for Enterprise Workloads

• Read our technical guide: What is NVMe and why is it important?

3. I Understand NVMe, but What is NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF™)?

• This NVMe-oF Explained blog is a great first step toward understanding the concept and what it might mean for you

• Check out this webinar on NVMe-oF 101 – Understanding NVMe-oF and How it Drives Business Value

4. How Do I Get Business Leaders to Understand the Business Value of NVMe?

• Take a look at this blog: Why Fast Data Matters, and How to Get On Board

• Read this eBook: NVMe Storage for Dummies

Are You Ready for NVMe Adoption?

Each month, we will continue to share more information to help you determine if you may want to integrate NVMe into your infrastructure. As always, we invite you to ask questions or share comments below and/or on Twitter @WesternDigiDC. And, if you have time, join us and several other vendors for a June 5 ATM webinar on Storage, Flash, NVMe, and Storage Optimization.

If you have specific questions: How to best integrate NVMe into your IT environment? What type of solution would be most economical and beneficial for your data center? Our experts are here to help – contact us here.

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