Next Gen Gamers: Beyond the Stereotype


Next Gen Gamers: Beyond the StereotypeWhen PC gaming first emerged as a hobby for computer enthusiasts, it was an idea that took advantage of the untapped potential of those early personal computers.

In a way, it makes sense that during that era it was the teenagers who were unlocking this opportunity in machines that were otherwise sitting idle outside those usual hours when they were being put to work by the adults. Maybe, back then, the stereotype held some truth. But now, those teenagers have grown up, and the games industry has grown along with them.

No business should ever just assume who their customers are. Instead, we need to ask them. It’s the only way to truly understand what they want – and for a business to know it is ready to deliver.

So we did just that. Through our panel of 7,800 consumers from around the world, both gamers and non-gamers, we’re able to take the pulse of the community and better understand what they want – from their current PC, and their next. Across a series of recent surveys we have gained many new insights into who the gamer of today really is.

We’re seeing gamers are not just one consumer group anymore. In fact, we’ve identified five kinds of gamers, and now have some strong insights into their differences, their similarities, and what they want from new desktops and laptops.

We hope you’ll find these insights valuable too. The idea of the ‘gamer’ may have changed, but their passion for a great PC experience remains as strong as ever. We continue to spend every day committed to creating the hardware they’re looking for.

Read the full whitepaper here: Next Gen Gamers: Beyond the Stereotype.

Next Gen Gamers: Beyond the Stereotype

Take a look at the graphic below for a preview of our key findings from the study.

Next Gen Gamers: Beyond the Stereotype

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