New Technology to Excel in Our Everyday Lives, from Education to Entertainment

One of the few silver linings of 2020 is the unassailable evidence that technology can help keep us connected and empowered during times of isolation. The solutions many embraced throughout the year were often imperfect but essential, and the need to relentlessly innovate and serve our partners, customers, and communities pushed Lenovo into new and promising territory. On day one of Tech World 2020, Lenovo leaders explored the way our world changed — and will continue to transform — in manufacturing, enterprise operations, healthcare, and more. On day two, we focused on technology we use to thrive every day, from attending university classes to crushing it in competitive gaming. Take a deep dive into the present and near future in on demand sessions and learn more below.

Elevating Education

Far beyond the Chromebook or software platform, Lenovo is pushing the notion of what’s actually beneficial to students and teachers — such as new hybrid classroom platforms. And video games can actually enhance student performance, which is part of why we’re investing more and more in esports to grow communities and build new futures. Versatile devices will be be essential in the future of education, for learning, of course, but also to unwind and kick back a bit. By taking the time to listen and develop smarter solutions, we’ve designed the YOGA 9i and YOGA Slim 9i to help students stay entertained & connected from anywhere.



Stylish outside. Savage inside. With the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i, we’re supporting students’ needs for education & gaming through the world’s lightest 15-inch gaming laptop with the latest graphics card. As global marketing manager Jasmine Chaing put it, “Now students have a device they can throw into a backpack and take anywhere, while still having the breakthrough performance needed for gaming AAA titles — after study sessions, of course.


Smarter Mobility

Motorola is thinking beyond the small(-ish) screens of mobile devices and traditional boundaries for productivity and play. How? With Motorola’s Device+ innovations, your phone becomes part of something quite a bit bigger.


Smarter Technology for All

“Our top focus is to deliver great user experiences,” said Lenovo President and COO Gianfranco Lanci. “This doesn’t happen by creating a piece of hardware, or improving display, audio, or battery life. The key will be to think about what you really need – to listen to you and deliver full end-to-end experiences, solutions, and services built around your needs and lifestyle.”

Visit our Tech World site to explore more, from the latest hardware to holistic solutions transforming work, play, and everything in between.

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