Modernizing IT to Enable New Ways of Work

As organizations navigate new hybrid work models and shifts in business priorities, IT needs are evolving to accommodate these changes. Recent research shows that the most successful companies will be those that proactively invest in their organization’s technological agility – modernizing with purpose and intention to avoid reactionary, band-aid decision making.¹

Why Modern IT Matters

Modernization is a journey that accelerated to a full-fledged sprint at the start of 2020 as entire workforces transitioned to remote work overnight. Companies then settled to a marathon pace, focused on getting their IT strategy in place and getting it right. IT departments are not looking to purchase just hardware and software anymore. They need a trusted partner to help guide their unique journey along the multiple paths to IT modernization.

Today, organizations recognize that setting themselves up for future success means taking a people-centric approach to address pain points. Mismatched devices, increased security risks and non-optimized applications are common headaches that make getting the job done that much harder.

With this people-centric approach in mind, the first step of the journey is for organizations to understand how and where team members work, and what is required for them to do their jobs effectively. Business leaders are taking note – 41% of digitally advanced companies are focused on adopting new technologies² – making way for more productivity and innovation. Empowering team members with the right tools can lead to greater efficiency, engagement, motivation and job satisfaction – and this applies to both end-users and IT departments.

Exploring the Modern Toolkit 

Young woman working in a modern office setting. Today’s hybrid workforce wants to be empowered with intelligent, adaptive and secure devices that just work. All this needs to be packaged in a frictionless experience even before the device gets into the hands of the employee. ​However, we recognize that organizations are at various stages of the modernization journey, and it is never going to be a one-size-fits-all solution. That is why we created an accessible and personalized approach to the modern PC lifecycle. Our solutions allow customers to modernize and manage their VMware or Microsoft environments, while redefining end-user experience.

By integrating new solutions with an organization’s current environment and bringing in automation, we can help IT teams maximize efficiencies across deployment, management, security, services and support. For businesses looking for even more flexibility, Dell’s PCaaS Solution can provide you with the latest work-ready devices and supporting services that fit your business and budget, paid for on a flexible monthly basis.

Both IT teams and end-users benefit from having access to:

    • Day-one productivity on Dell devices that are preconfigured and shipped directly to the end-user.
    • Built-in security and Trusted Access to keep the end-user safe by monitoring and remediating any sign of threat from the hardware layer to above-and-below the operating system and beyond.
    • Virtually zero downtime with predictive support that prevents issues before they happen.
    • Intelligent insights to optimize device performance, battery life and run time without interruption.
    • Updated tools providing greater IT visibility, remote remediation, automation options and actionable recommendations so IT managers can better support employees and optimize PCs.

Beyond the device and into the Cloud

For some businesses, virtual workspaces are a more efficient way for teams to get stuff done, but this presents new challenges for IT departments.

True modernization also requires IT infrastructure that can support workforces wherever they are, giving them the flexibility to work and collaborate from anywhere, across any device. With the increased adoption of public, private and hybrid clouds, our solutions have been developed with security and accessibility in mind, helping IT teams deliver consistent and personalized experiences for the end-user.

Both IT teams and end-users can benefit from:

The journey of modernization is ever evolving and no longer optional. It is needed for companies not only to survive, but to thrive and innovate. IT teams need a strategy which defines outcomes based on their business needs—while keeping a people-centric approach at the core.

¹ Based on independent research by Modern Computing Alliance and Accenture: The Future is Flexible, A 2021 State-of-Tech Leadership Survey Results and Workplace Trends, July 2021

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³ Based on Dell analysis of Dell Hybrid Client software preinstalled on select Dell commercial clients with Wyse Management Suite Pro Dell Hybrid Client license v. comparative solutions, July 2020. For more details, visit (AD# G20000253)

4 Based on Dell internal analysis of competitive products, March 2020.

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