Looking back at Twenty Years of OEM Solutions

This year we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Dell Technologies OEM Solutions division. This milestone is particularly special for me as I also celebrate one year leading this innovative team.

Way back in 2000 – when we had to print out directions for a road trip, and never would have imagined receiving a package just hours after ordering – the OEM Solutions division formed to meet customer demand for hardware that didn’t yet exist. These customers came to Dell because they needed equipment that was very close to products we were already selling but specialized to meet the requirements of projects they had in the works – like industrial-grade solutions able to withstand harsh factory environments or equipment that would be installed in remote, offshore locations. That’s how our work began – adding some extra battery life here, ruggedizing a server there, creating unique and custom-made solutions for every customer.

Today, our OEM customers are everywhere. In health care, they’re pioneering genomic research and developing electronic health records systems. In telco, they’re building out 5G networks. In transportation, they’re automating ports and developing new ways to track shipments. We’re driving innovation at the edge, and our ruggedized servers are the backbone of systems from remote MRI machines to systems and equipment monitoring across industries.

From those first ad-hoc customer requests 20 years ago, we’ve grown our OEM business into a multi-billion-dollar global powerhouse that serves more than 40 vertical industry specialties. Our team of more than 700 professionals customizes, designs, industrializes, transforms and innovates on behalf of our customers so they can focus on delivering the best solutions to end-users.

As we reflect on what we have achieved, here are a few key milestones for the Dell Technologies OEM Solutions group:

  • 2000: The team developed and launched OEM Solutions shortly after the birth of the business, including OEM Ready, which gives customers the ability to rebrand Dell Technologies’ solutions or opt for a brandless experience. The team launched program management and support services in 2003, which included dedicated teams of engineers and OEM specialists to serve customers’ unique needs.
  • 2010: Dell Technologies OEM Solutions established a channel partner program, which expanded to Europe and Asia in 2012 and 2013. Today, the Dell Technologies Partner Program empowers and rewards partners for taking their customers’ fully customized solutions to market. Our momentum is strong, growing OEM orders revenue through the channel by 45% year-over-year in the first half of this fiscal year.
  • 2014-2017: Dell Technologies OEM Solutions introduced enterprise-class edge technology including the first OEM PowerEdge server platform specifically designed to thrive in space-constrained, rugged and harsh environments. This edge portfolio recognized the need for tailored solutions that collect and process data at the edge, serving as a foundation for future OEM product development.
  • 2018: Dell Technologies OEM Solutions delivered our first 1U rack workstation built to anticipate the needs of customers who required powerful performance in the tightest spots at the tightest edge.
  • 2021: Our innovation engine is stronger than ever, and it’s showing in the depth and breadth of our customers. In the first half of this fiscal year, we increased new customer accounts by 32% over the same period last fiscal year. Whether we are providing specialized infrastructure, software or services solutions, we continue to meet the current and future needs of our customers in this “do-anything-from-anywhere-world.”

As we look forward to the next 20 years, we know innovation and global execution will continue to be key. Our future is unfolding at the edge and our OEM customers and partners are powering an ever-changing marketplace. I cannot wait to see the impact we will make together next.

About the Author: Kyle Dufresne

Kyle Dufresne leads the OEM Solutions Group globally for Dell Technologies. OEM solutions is focused on leveraging Dell Technologies’ strategically aligned businesses to offer customers a comprehensive set of tier-1 technologies and solutions that help compress their time-to-market and scale their solutions globally. Leveraging a background that spans across multiple global organizations, Kyle focuses on the results customers are seeking to drive for their solutions and products that deliver value to their customers, partners and shareholders.

Kyle started with Dell in 2003 as a Global Account Manager then moved into leadership roles, beginning in Dell’s Corporate Business followed by being named General Manager of Dell’s Global Business in Europe.

Returning to the United States, Kyle became General Manager of Dell’s Consumer Retail Business in 2014, with added responsibility for Dell’s Public Business Group, overseeing the higher education and healthcare sales organization, and leading national alliances with top technology partners.

In 2016, Kyle became President and General Manager of Global Client Compute Solutions (GCCS) and Global Compute & Networking (GCN), focused on selling client and server portfolios, as well as the software, services and peripherals that complement those products to Dell Technologies’ largest global customers. In this role, he was responsible for generating revenue, creating and driving business strategy, partner relations, and customer satisfaction.

With a focus on purpose-driven leadership, Kyle not only drives for results and wins, but celebrates each milestone of the journey with his team. He has a reputation for being tough on the business, while valuing each team member and motivating them to be fully engaged contributors. Kyle’s involvement with and energy for his team and business are infectious.

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Rhode Island.

Kyle and his wife Shelly are the proud parents of three children, two boys and one girl. Kyle currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and in his free time can be found coaching his children, reading a good book, playing basketball, or tearing up the dirt bike track.

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