Life Sciences’ Exascale Challenge – Take Our Quiz!

The data processing and storage needs of life sciences are tremendous. Technological innovations in genome sequencing and high-resolution imaging technologies have triggered a data explosion. On the research path to delivering cures, medicine and better healthcare are mountains of bioinformatics data.

How Do You Manage Petabyte Datasets in Life Sciences?

Next month we’re joining iRODS for a free webinar to share how iRODS  is helping to capture, manage, and use metadata to enable data discovery, workflow automation and secure collaboration, and how its integration with object storage enables better life sciences workflows to advance research across the globe.

This will be a great opportunity to explore how iRODS interfaces with HPC and other models of computation as well as review existing production deployments. Join us online on Oct 3, or after on demand  – Save your seat here

Quiz: Life Sciences’ Exascale Challenge

See if you’re a bioinformatics whiz by taking our quiz:


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