Lenovo’s Leaders Reflect on an Unprecedented Year and Driving a Service-led Future

Gianfranco Lanci: Firstly, we’ll continue to prioritize listening to the needs and feedback of our customers and employees, who are the center of our business. We’ll also continue to step up and show up for our communities around ESG (environmental, social, governance) as we did with donations of PCs to students in Italy and distance learning toolkits among many other efforts in response to COVID-19.

As we know, the pandemic-triggered disruptions in work, school and social connection has accelerated digital transformation and an “everything-from-home” environment that will continue to affect the transition into hybrid. With the renaissance of the PC as people’s dominant device for day-to-day productivity, collaboration, education, we must never stop innovating in PCs and smart devices – from 5G to AI to new form factors.

In addition to staying focused on our core PC and smart device business, we see great opportunity in tapping into our hardware and software capabilities as an enabler of services and solutions, in partnership with the recently formed Solutions and Services Group under Ken Wong’s leadership. As the “everything-as-a-service” trend continues to grow, Lenovo is ready with solutions such as Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) that leverage the powerful combination of our innovative hardware, seamless software and complete services.

We will also continue to incubate emerging technologies as a growth engine for new customer needs in a hybrid environment across healthcare, smart collaboration, edge computing, commercial augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), etc. And last but certainly not least, we will go all in in making it as easy as possible for our valued customer and partners to do business with us. This includes continually optimizing the tools and processes for sales and marketing transformation and harnessing the collective capability of One Lenovo.

Kirk Skaugen: As businesses continue to adjust to the “new normal” and the evolving pandemic, the strength of Lenovo’s supply chain and its role in helping businesses adopt emerging technologies is a key opportunity for growth. Lenovo was most recently recognized as #16 on Gartner’s Top 25 Global Supply Chain companies for using technology to enable automated and seamless customer experiences at scale, all while navigating the challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

In addition to our supply chain focus, we are making significant investments in our manufacturing transformation. We expanded our manufacturing capacity in both Monterrey and Guadalajara Mexico, where we are now building both motherboards and servers. And, later this year we will open our world class manufacturing plant in Hungary. We are the only company that has complete in-house end-to-end ownership from design, to manufacturing and supply chain, to global services.

And finally, in our new reality that requires an increased need for business flexibility and agility, we are investing heavily to create new capabilities across the services spectrum. We continue to expand our TruScale as-a-service offering for customers of every size and most recently announced a new Lenovo TruScale for Hosted Desktops solution that offers users a remote desktop to work anywhere, anytime.

Our competition is strong, but we have the right initiatives in place. We are the disruptor and we are the people our competition is fearful of!  I am confident in ISG’s continued profit improvement and revenue and market share growth in the new fiscal year.

Sergio Buniac: Going into FY21, we have tremendous momentum in our business with the highest demand for our products and continued improvement in our NPS scores. In addition, we have a wide customer footprint with our 5G products being sold in 80+ partners across 35+ countries. All of these factors have strengthened our reputation as a trusted global brand.

Given our strong performance, and our momentum, we expect to continue our strategy of profitable growth in FY21. On top of these opportunities, we are also excited about the strategy of broader “One Lenovo” and believe we are well positioned to capitalize on leveraging the synergies across the business groups.

*Lenovo reported its Q4 and FY 2020/21 results under its old organizational structure of Intelligent Devices Group (IDG), which consisted of Personal Computing and Smart Devices plus the Mobile group, and the Data Center Group (DCG). Starting next quarter and fiscal year, Lenovo will report under its new structure consisting of IDG, the Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG), which is the renamed DCG, and the new Solutions & Services Group (SSG).

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