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The Yoga AIO 7, LAVIE devices from NECPC, and new Lenovo monitors unveil at CES

Everything is smarter these days, from our kitchens to virtual classrooms to personal home offices. Smarter technology lets you adapt to the new normal without forgoing convenience, entertainment and social connections, productivity and education – even at home.

Lenovo™ focuses on design and engineering advancements driven by people’s evolving everyday experience, like wanting streamlined designs to help reduce clutter on your desk, immersive visuals to bring home entertainment to life through an ultra-vivid picture, and more versatile devices with custom gaming accessories to enjoy at home or on-the-go.

Today at CES®, we’re introducing a range of sleek consumer products of high-quality craftsmanship, including:

  • The innovative Yoga AIO 7 all-in-one desktop PC that takes up less space with a rotating display
  • Two stylishly thin consumer IPS monitors, the Lenovo L24i-30 and Lenovo L27e-30

Plus, showing off a couple of unique products created via our joint venture company with NEC Corporation, established back in 2011:

  • An upgraded LAVIE Pro Mobile laptop that’s sure to turn heads
  • And the pocket-sized LAVIE MINI, the concept convertible PC offering huge possibilities and gaming connectivity

Each of these new consumer devices are designed to make your life easier as you stay connected, productive, and entertained all day long. Plus, we’re also rolling out the latest software updates to Lenovo Vantage to help you personalize your computing experience even further.

You’ll Flip for the Flexibility of Lenovo Yoga AIO 71

When you want impressive power and premium style from an all-in-one desktop PC for your home, look no further than the new Lenovo Yoga AIO 7 desktop with Windows 10.

the new Lenovo Yoga AIO 7 desktop with Windows 10 flipped into a vertical position

Lenovo’s exclusive rotatable hinge2 feature is here allowing you to personalize your setup, effortlessly swivel the slim-framed display from a horizontal to full vertical position to allow for a tall and sleek window screen with just the push of a finger. Or, tilt the viewing angle from completely flat to up to 20 degrees for customized comfort. What’s more, with the Yoga AIO 7’s integrated wireless casting hardware, you can activate the display remotely from a tablet or smartphone without having to turn on your desktop. A future update allows you to display online shows directly to your screen transforming it into a 4K smart TV. Your content even automatically rotates on your PC’s screen for ease of use, and sharing webpages directly from your mobile device with living room viewers is a snap via casting menu options.

Lenovo Yoga AIO 7 in horizontal orientation with keyboard and mouse

With an attractive soft-textured design, the user-facing JBL® Harman-certified stereo speakers are thoughtfully placed under the rotating display to ensure powerful, immersive sound even when display is turned vertically. The desktop’s minimalist design in a blend of Cloud Grey and Moon White hues keeps this centerpiece contemporary and light for any home office or living space. While its color-matched and bundled accessories, including a wireless keyboard, mouse, and detachable top-placed 5M web camera, ensure clean lines. Charge your laptop via your Yoga AIO 7 and transfer files with one cable, plus drag and drop files from your laptop while connected to share storage as you crank out big creative tasks.

Optimized for color gamut fans who are taking part in education and entertainment at home, as well as for better printing results, the Yoga AIO 7 is the world’s first all-in-one desktop computer screen with a 27-inch 4K IPS display supporting both 99 percent DCI-P3 and 99 percent Adobe RGB color standards for dazzling visuals.3 This combination of display technology results in a wider spectrum of warmer reds and yellows, and cooler greens and cyan areas.

Crafted by Lenovo, the desktop is powered by the exceptional performance of up to AMD Ryzen™ 7 4800H Processor and paired with a NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 GPU for endless multi-tasking, content creation, and non-stop gaming. Keeping your household in sync can be easier than ever with the hands-free functionality of Alexa® on your PC.4 Use the Yoga AIO 7’s built-in mics to speak to Alexa and just with your voice set reminders, control your smart home, and play music—all without having to turn your attention away from browsing or sending an email.

Lenovo L24i-30 and L27e-30 Monitors: Style that Holds your Attention (and your Smartphone)

Profile shot of person sitting at the Lenovo L24i-30
The new Lenovo L24i-30 Monitor

Go ahead, take a second look; these are not your typical desktop monitors. Often placed in family rooms with the most foot traffic, you (and everyone else) spend a lot of time looking at a monitor’s aesthetic and screen design—so why sacrifice chic style for entertainment or productivity when you can have it all with Lenovo’s new consumer monitor series: the Lenovo L24i-30 and Lenovo L27e-30.

The premium In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels offered on both the Lenovo L24i-30 and Lenovo L27e-30 monitors can help you make the most of movies, online shopping, news, games, or your work, by delivering crisp, clean images at wide-viewing angles. And with education shifting to include more distance and hybrid learning than ever before, more teachers and students are finding out that they need larger, higher quality monitors for their virtual lessons.

The Lenovo L27e-30 stand in Graphite Grey
The Lenovo L27e-30 stand in Graphite Grey

Designed for functionality, both monitor stands possess hidden cable management features and an integrated smartphone holder to help keep you more organized and your personal space tidy. Just tilt the display for a more comfortable viewing angle and choose from two sturdy builds: either the sophisticated all-metal stand of the new Lenovo L24i-30 that’s accented with trendy bi-color elements, or the simple elegance of Lenovo L27e-30’s sculpted Graphite Grey stand. Each monitor is outlined in Raven Black and crafted to be ultra-slim with a head as thin as 7.1mm and near-edgeless on three sides.

The new Lenovo L27e-30 Monitor seen in use by a person sitting in profile with keyboard and mouse
The new Lenovo L27e-30 Monitor

Choose the right-sized 23.8-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display on the Lenovo L24i-30 or go up a size with the 27-inch Lenovo L27e-30. Keep your eyes feeling fresh with advanced anti-glare and Eye Comfort technology certified by TUV Rheinland5 to help minimize blue light and flickering throughout the day. Both monitors come ready to support AMD FreeSync™ technology for smooth and stutter-free gaming.6 Plus these displays are capable of refresh rates of up to 75Hz via their HDMI input display port.

As a bonus, Lenovo offers you the convenience of personalizing the appearance, volume, and characteristics of your monitor through the On-Screen Display (OSD) settings via the Lenovo Artery software platform. Now, gamers, movie-lovers, or multitaskers can easily control their Lenovo monitors to fit any at-home usage scenario.

New Vantage Enhancements to Supercharge your Device

This month7, Lenovo Vantage, the on-device app that helps you do more with your PC, is getting a refresh across several of its features. In this update, users will gain access to a range of new settings, like its Lenovo Smart Assist feature that improves the hands-free login feature with Windows Hello, as well as expanded application and browser support for its hands-free video playback and Super Resolution 2.0 video upscaling capabilities.8

Person sitting in a home office using a Lenovo PC

Also available via Vantage is Lenovo’s latest Software as a Service tool, Vantage Smart Performance Services. Now accessible in global markets as part of the update, this self-diagnostic service grants users access to one-click scans, fixes for malware and zero-day virus removal, for all-in-one PC performance, maintenance and enhanced security. And with new progressive web app caching that loads Vantage in mere seconds9, you’ll gain access to all of the new and existing Vantage features faster, no matter where you are in the world.

Impossibly Portable for More Freedom: LAVIE MINI and LAVIE Pro Mobile

Also announcing at CES are the newest LAVIE devices from NEC Personal Computers, Ltd., a joint venture company of Lenovo and NEC Corporation. From the 8-inch LAVIE MINI, the ultra-mobile PC prototype built for fun and premium entertainment with cool gaming accessories10, to the LAVIE Pro Mobile for stylish durability on the go. These new additions represent the latest in innovation and minimalism, and both devices are unmistakably LAVIE with their fun and functional designs.


Meet the new LAVIE MINI pocket-sized convertible PC that’s a real game-changer. It’s one of the smallest form-factors featuring the power and performance of up to 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 mobile processor with Intel Iris® Xe graphics. With an 8-inch WUXGA (1920 x 1200) touch panel display, this lightweight concept device comes in Crystal White for an airy translucent look and weighs 579 grams (1.28lbs) so you can take it with you to use practically anywhere.

Enjoy smarter features like Modern Standby, IR camera with Windows Hello for zero-touch login, and to make typing a breeze, the circular-shaped numeric and symbol keys are the same size as the alphabet keys. With a battery capacity of up to 26WHr, get reliable Wi-Fi 611, plus up to 256GB SSD of storage12 and ample 16GB LPDDR4 of memory. The logo on the LCD cover lights up while the PC is powered on, and the keyboard is backlit too for a more premium look.

the optional Gaming Controller10 on the super small LAVIE MINI to play high-quality PC games

To personalize your experience, simply attach the optional Gaming Controller10 on the super small LAVIE MINI to play high-quality PC games such as battle royale and car racing games—and when your game is paused, just remove the controller and carry the PC only. The controller comes with all the functions you’d expect and in a familiar gaming layout, including immersive vibrations, left/right trigger buttons, and analog thumbsticks.

Place the LAVIE MINI into its optional Dock with your HDMI cable connected to your TV for life-sized gaming experience
Place the LAVIE MINI into its optional Dock with your HDMI cable connected to your TV for life-sized gaming experience

You can also throw your smooth gaming experience up on your big television screen for everyone to see your personal victories and winning shots by switching to TV gaming style by placing the PC onto its optional HDMI-connected Dock.10,13 Besides an HDMI connection, the Dock provides other input/output extensions too including several USB Type-C® and -A ports. The dock can also charge the PC’s battery for a quick power boost.

The new 13-inch NECPC LAVIE Pro Mobile laptop in Navy Blue
The new 13-inch NECPC LAVIE Pro Mobile laptop in Navy Blue

After recognition for its light weight and durability at last year’s CES, the new LAVIE Pro Mobile returns with even more tempting features for on-the-go professionals, including a long-lasting battery life and more comfortable typing experience to boost your productivity with an improved 1.5mm key travel. An optimized lift-up hinge function also tilts your keyboard to your personal preference up to 180 degrees for an increased typing pitch of 19mm.

Built to be incredibly lightweight by top craftspeople, the thin and light laptop consists of next-gen materials that were once only used in space, such as a carbon fiber cover. Weighing at just under 889 grams (1.95lbs) with an ultraslim body of 16.7mm (0.66 inches), the LAVIE Pro Mobile offers up to 11th Gen Intel Core i7 with Intel Iris Xe graphics to power true portability with a longer-lasting battery run-time of up to 10 hours14 to allow you to work from nearly anywhere at any time, whether at home or back in the office.

LAVIE pro mobile compact design comes in rich Navy Blue hue

Its exceptionally compact design comes in rich Navy Blue hue with a bright 13.3-inch display screen that makes the new Intel-based LAVIE Pro Mobile the optimum device for go-getters living a busy lifestyle.

Visit the Lenovo StoryHub CES press kit for images and full specs and Lenovo’s CES homepage for more details.

Product Videos:
LAVIE MINI: https://youtu.be/KjkpqOn6EJ4
LAVIE Pro Mobile: https://youtu.be/Oz417yyM_I4

U.S. Pricing and Availability15

  • The Yoga AIO 7 (also known as Yoga 27 in China) is available now in China, and expected to be available in select markets in February 2021 starting at $1599. The Yoga AIO 7 is not available in North America at this time.15
  • The Lenovo L27e-30 Monitor will start at $189.99 and is expected to be available starting March 2021.15
  • The Lenovo L24i-30 Monitor will start at $159.99 and is expected to be available starting March 2021.15
  • Pricing and availability of the LAVIE MINI ultra-portable convertible prototype is not available at this time.15
  • The LAVIE Pro Mobile laptop will start at $1699.99. More details on its U.S. availability will come later.15

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