Lenovo enhances customer experiences with personalized, AI-driven online support

Solution: AI-Powered Personalized Support 

Lenovo identified several improvements to the support journey. At the front end, we decided to update the look and feel of our product homepages, making them faster and easier for customers to use. We also targeted improvements to our diagnostic pages, adding “easy” and “expert” pathways to allow experienced and non-technical users to find the support they need. 

And we didn’t stop there. As well as improving the usability of our sites, we wanted to personalize the experience to each customer’s specific needs. First, we needed a 360-degree view of the customers visiting our sites—including their devices, service histories, warranty statuses, and more.  

Sunil KumarSunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar, Head of Data Science and Analytics – International Service Support at Lenovo, says: “We knew that AI had the potential to transform the self-service support experience. So, we decided to leverage Lenovo’s in-house expertise to develop a solution.” 

Solution: Lenovo powers Lenovo 

Working with technical experts from across Lenovo, the Data and Analytics team created a data lake to store accurate, timely data on device serial numbers, repair and service records, support chat logs, and customer satisfaction scores. To drive value from this data, the team developed an AI-powered personalization engine that assigns each customer a digital persona based on these characteristics. 

Figen Tek-Puentes, Senior Manager, WW Support Web at Lenovo, explains: “Our AI engine is at the heart of a brand-new eService solution: Smart Avatar. The solution works by detecting patterns of browsing behavior that show when a customer is struggling to find what they need on a Lenovo support site. Based on context from their current web session and their digital persona, Smart Avatar pops up a box on the page to provide highly personalized assistance.” 

Brand image- Woman in a red coat sitting on a bench working on a laptop in a subway station.Brand image- Woman in a red coat sitting on a bench working on a laptop in a subway station.

Solution: Streamlining Customer Journeys 

Lenovo has configured Smart Avatar to help customers in multiple support scenarios. For example, if a visitor has remained on the site for a prolonged time without providing their details, Smart Avatar will ask the customer if they would like the site to try and detect their device serial number automatically—accelerating their support journey. 

Smart Avatar provides a customized page for service recommendations. 

Figen Tek-Puentes continues: “Smart Avatar allows us to interpret online customer behavior and proactively reach out with customized assistance. We began with a pilot project for Lenovo customers in North America, and the results were so positive that we rolled out the solution to all our global sites within a matter of months. Today, Smart Avatar is helping global customers to get faster access to our excellent service support resources.”

Smart Avatar example pageSmart Avatar example page

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