I’m Seeing Western Digital

Are you seeing Western Digital where you might have seen the SanDisk or HGST name? Rest assured, you have come to the right place. You will start seeing more of the name as we journey through bringing HGST and SanDisk® under the Western Digital umbrella.

Western Digital logo

In the coming weeks, months and quarters, we’ll start sharing more of our transformation journey as we bring forth a robust portfolio of products and solutions that enable innovation in a rapidly evolving storage market, and address the growing needs of applications on premises, in the cloud and everywhere in between.

As the world’s largest storage company, we are enabling an era of data abundance. We believe in the possibilities of data and we’ll share with you how we are helping organizations unlock that power to gain greater business potential.

On our various social media and blog channels, we’ll continue to shed light on the growing pressures modern data centers face, and how business can ensure that they are able to meet those challenges and understand the transformation of storage.

We’re ultimately leading the charge to develop faster, more intelligent storage devices and systems that will help the world access, analyze and act on ever-increasing volumes of data. We’re excited to have you join us on this journey as we enable the possibilities of data.

New Channels

We have many exciting projects underway and look forward to sharing much, much more. So if you are familiar engaging with us as @SanDisk or @HGST, or any of our other communication mediums, we invite you to follow the new Western Digital channels and get excited, with us, on what the future has to hold.

Stay tuned – we’ll be updating more announcements and our channel changes on this blog.

Western Digital-delivering-possibilities-of-Data

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