How to ensure the quality of transfer service?

Now you have full control over your bandwidth resources when transferring with Presto File Server, powered by Synology Internet Transfer Accelerator (SITA), which supports compression to accelerate the speed of large data transfers from long distances. Given the highest speed your bandwidth can reach, if the network is congested with lower priority files or non-urgent data, the transfer quality would remain low.

Dynamically adjust task priority

The priority can be determined in two ways:

  1. The order being served or transferred, and
  2. How many resources are secured for its sake

Number one is the most intuitive, and to adjust, it is designed to be as intuitive as possible on Presto File Server. For random transfer tasks triggered manually, the built-in Task Manager on Presto desktop client allows re-arranging the transfer queue applying to the queue dynamically.

If the transfers are carried out by a schedule, you can decide if one task should be carried out prior to the others by setting the rest to run after the prioritized one. This mindset is also applicable if you are exchanging files between two licensed Synology NAS, which means you can first deliver the file to the sites that have more urgent needs than the rest, or maybe it’s just closer to you, geographically.

Now that the order has been optimized, it’s time to secure the resources, so these tasks can run optimally.

The first thing you want to make sure is that nothing other than this favored task can occupy the bandwidth during the transfer. This is configurable by lowering the concurrent transfer task device from the default three down to one at a time.

Under the circumstances when sharing the Internet with others, we recommend leveraging the minimum bandwidth settings. The best thing the minimum bandwidth can do for you is that no matter how many people are sharing the Internet with you, you are sure your data will at least be sent in a speed you think adequate. The speed right for prompt delivery of your file will not be hindered by other less urgent packets. Another perk of setting up the minimum bandwidth is better prediction over the time of arrival.

Better control over every transfer task

When it comes to improving the transfer quality, you can share the equivalent importance by adjusting the task priority so that you can have more precise predictions of all transfer tasks and full control over the transfer status.

Given controllable conditions, including when the transfer would take place, with what priority, and most of all, at what speed per second, the prediction of the arrival time can be precise down to the second. Excluding situations like Internet interruption, which would automatically resume, you can specify that your file only arrives either on time or earlier than the estimate.

And it is always possible for administrators to track transfer status of each thread, random or scheduled, and even the branches of your transfer tree.

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