How Smart Home Technology Empowers and Creates Independence

Smart home technology has come a long way in recent years. Living in a “smart home” can provide a convenient and high-end experience. Being able to turn on and off the lights with a voice command, adjusting the thermostat right from your smartphone, or answering the front door from anywhere in the house – smart devices make simple tasks even more seamless for many people.

However, these “simple” tasks are not simple for everyone. When you think of those who are living with accessibility and dexterity challenges, smart technology can be a big game-changer in making them feel more independent and empowered in their homes.

Seeing the opportunity that smart home devices can have, Lenovo decided to partner with a non-profit organization, First in Families to identify a family living with an individual who has a disability and transform their home into a smart home to make their lives easier and more accessible.

Christina SaracenoChristina Saraceno was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was born but has never let her disability define her. She is a proud Meredith College graduate. She obtained a major in Business Administration with two minors Marketing & Human Resource Management. Christina enjoys helping out small businesses with her sales and marketing knowledge and gives back to her community in every way she can.

Though Christina thrives in every area of her life, she felt a deep desire to feel more independent and secure in her home – especially when she needed to be home alone. Together, we transformed her home into a smart home with the following devices: a smart display, a smart clock, a tablet, smart light bulbs and plugs, Nest smart locks, smart thermostats, and a doorbell camera.

“You can’t put a price on independence, you really can’t. Everyone is different, everyone has different needs. Lenovo took their time to get to know me so they knew which devices could truly support and enable me, explained Christina. “These new smart products have made me feel very independent, secure within my home, confident and empowered.”

“You can’t put a price on independence, you really can’t.”

Hear from Christina on how this experience has changed her life and the role she thinks tech companies should play to further support those living with disabilities.

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