Flexibility to Manage Your Network Your Way

Your company is unique — unique infrastructure, culture, and needs. And to support your company’s growth, you need a network that aligns with your company.

Often, companies are forced to fit themselves into the features and capabilities of their infrastructure. Instead, you deserve a network and systems that let you manage your infrastructure in a way that fits with your processes and requirements. Growing a business is challenging enough without having to change how you work to fit your network.

The Right Network Management Tools

To make the best use of your limited time, you need the status of your network displayed in the most straightforward way for your needs at the time. When choosing a network management solution, look for a vendor that provides these three views:

All devices that your organizations manage:
You need to know exactly what switches and APs your organization owns and manages at all times. This includes devices on all networks under your accounts which is especially helpful for managing multiple networks. Additionally, this information helps when expanding or updating your infrastructure because you may be able to move underutilized devices from another network instead of purchasing new infrastructure. EnGenius Cloud’s Inventory view provides an inventory list of all devices registered under an organization in an easy to view format.
All devices that are on your network:
If the dashboard indicates a problem or you suspect a problem on a network, you want to quickly get a deep dive on the analytics and performance of all devices in network. When selecting a Network and choosing AP list or Switch list EnGenius Cloud shows you everything you need know about a group of devices or specific devices. These views quickly show channel utilization, free ports, output power, throughput and other configuration and resource information.
A customized view of your infrastructure:
Do you have a complex branching network hierarchy? In addition to a group of administrators with total access privileges who manage all the networks, you may have regional IT teams who are responsible for specific networks. These teams have only network management access to their specific network, switches, and APs. EnGenius Cloud lets you create a multi-layered group of networks using the Hierarchical view. With the first layer for managed service tenants, you can then add additional layers that give other team members the access to the network that they need.

For example, if you are managing a network for a retail client, you can set up one layer for all administrators who have full access to all networks that your company manages for clients. Then you can create an additional level that gives the IT administrator for the retail store access to only their networks. With the Hierarchical view, you can easily see information about each layer as well as quickly add and change permissions at each level.

Secure Your Network through User Roles

Each person accessing your network has different needs. To protect your network and data, it’s important that every user have the correct permissions and access. If you limit someone’s access too much, they can’t do their job correctly; but if the wrong person has more privileges than they need, the network is at risk. By choosing a cloud network management solution that allows custom user roles, you give everyone the right level of access — not too much or too little.

With EnGenius Cloud, you can choose from two levels: administrators with full-access privileges, and viewers with read-only privileges. Sometimes an administrator may only need full privileges to a specific network, and not all the networks managed in the account. EnGenius Cloud lets you further define access by being able to grant each role permissions on either the organizational level or for a specific network.

For example, if a consultant is working on a specific project, you can assign them the Administrator role for the specific network — while your IT team has Administrator access to all networks in the organization.

Your organization likely has a complex web of multiple networks and users. You need a cloud management solution that allows you to manage the network most efficiently with the highest level of performance. By using EnGenius Cloud, you can work the way that make sense for your organization instead of being forced to change your processes or compromise on your needs.

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