EnGenius Cloud: Bank on the Benefits

Every day more of our industry is moving to cloud-based network management. Small and medium-sized businesses are making the jump for greater network scalability and agility, and easier device management.

In fact, IDC reports that cloud-managed networks made up 26% of all deployments in 2017. And that will increase to 38% by 2022. But consider this: the most forward-thinking businesses demand even more benefits before connecting to the cloud.

At EnGenius, we’ve been thinking a lot about how we could help you leverage the advantages of cloud computing and advance ahead of the competition.

We’ve got deep experience with earlier cloud solutions, including on-premises server-based, virtual machine-based, and Docker-based cloud. But we uncovered drawbacks with them–ranging from inadequate data protection to inability to scale, and poor performance at capacity.

To overcome these issues, we developed the EnGenius Cloud solution on next-generation, serverless Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) architecture. FaaS increases utilization rate as well as improves performance for each function. And it streamlines component redundancy in cloud infrastructure and performs backup and restoration wherever your network data lives.

With FaaS, scaling takes just microseconds, saving significant time and money. This is in stark contrast to scaling on server-based cloud, which typically requires investment in additional servers and copying all relevant files to them—taking several days or months.

EnGenius Cloud: the Future of Cloud Management
Don’t waste your time and resources with inadequate cloud architecture. I encourage you to embrace the future—serverless EnGenius Cloud. You’ll really be able to count on an SLA level of 99.99 percent. That’s the advantage of always-on cloud delivered applications.

We also ensure that you’ll be ready for artificial intelligence (AI). EnGenius Cloud is developed with the future of AI in mind and is designed to easily add modules and perform AI analysis, machine learning, and correlative advisory for troubleshooting. We’ve already started implementing features that are enhancing EnGenius Cloud, so soon you’ll be able to leverage AI in managing your most complex challenges.

I’ve saved one of the best benefits for last. Serverless cloud pays off. In fact, research from Libhive and Heavywater says moving from server-based to serverless cloud delivers cost savings of up to 90 percent. We pass that savings directly on to you—our solution is completely license-free.

Ready to take that to the bank? Learn more about the EnGenius Cloud.

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