Empower DevOps with On-premises Automation for Multi-cloud World

The rise of DevOps is leading businesses and IT administrators to rethink how they develop and manage their infrastructure. Being part of a DevOps team today requires the ability to write code that delivers end-to-end automation and management of IT operations. At the core of this new world are portable cloud-native applications, built from microservices and managed by Kubernetes that can be deployed on-premises and in-cloud.

But even the most sophisticated modern architectures can be hindered by a lack of control of containers and Kubernetes deployments. For example, a recent TechTarget study on cloud native enablement suggests¹ organizational silos and infrastructure challenges led respondents to equally weigh their cloud native acceleration delays on scale, manual processes and complexity. And with complexity comes reduced developer productivity and substandard business outcomes.

Graphic indicating opportunities to solve DevOps challenges. Solving customer complexity and challenges

Dell Technologies collaborates with a broad ecosystem of public cloud providers to help our customers solve these challenges and place data and applications where it makes the most sense for their business needs. Our portfolio of DevOps-ready platforms support DevOps teams to produce faster business outcomes with intelligent, automated, on-premises infrastructure that eliminates manual processes and accelerates IT’s ability to rapidly provision compute and storage resources. DevOps-ready platforms let customers run their Kubernetes orchestration in the public cloud or on-premises. These platforms support every major hyperscaler and container orchestration platform on the market, including Amazon EKS, Google Cloud Anthos, Microsoft Azure Arc, Red Hat OpenShift, SuSe Rancher and VMware Tanzu, and are based on Dell HCI integrated systems and modern enterprise storage platforms.

Expanding our DevOps-ready platforms to offer even more choice

Today, Dell Technologies is deepening its support of Amazon EKS Anywhere with the addition of Amazon EKS Anywhere on Dell PowerStore and PowerFlex. EKS Anywhere is a deployment option enabling organizations to create and operate Kubernetes clusters on-premises using VMware vSphere while making it possible to have connectivity and portability to AWS public cloud environments. Deploying EKS Anywhere on Dell Technologies infrastructure streamlines application development and delivery by allowing organizations to easily create and manage on premises Kubernetes clusters. EKS Anywhere is also supported for Dell VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure.

Additionally, Dell is strengthening its partnership with SUSE, announcing support for SUSE Rancher 2.6 on VxRail to provide full lifecycle management support for clusters in Microsoft AKS, Google GKE and Amazon EKS anywhere, giving customers freedom to mix and match solutions that best fit their business strategy. “SUSE is excited that our joint customers now have the ability to run SUSE Rancher and RKE2 on-premises on VxRail, Dell’s leading HCI platform,” said Rachel Cassidy, SUSE senior vice president of Global Channel & Alliances. “VxRail’s integrated, full stack automation and lifecycle management streamlines infrastructure operations, reducing complexity to enable DevOps teams to focus on application development across multi-cloud environments. The latest release of SUSE Rancher and RKE2 fortify IT environments by strengthening security and compliance integrations while providing full lifecycle management for hosted Kubernetes clusters.”

With flexibility to run multiple container platforms on a single Dell DevOps-ready platform that automates cluster management, customers can achieve seamless connectivity to public clouds and finally realize how easy adoption of multi-cloud container orchestration deployments can be within the parameters of IT processes and governance. All the while, enjoying the reliability, security and world-class global support that comes with Dell infrastructure.

Being able to run traditional and cloud native applications on DevOps-ready platforms is also a key element to bringing together the traditional IT administration models that are often separated by function. Overall, these consistent, trusted platforms are attractive to the IT operators and/or DevOps teams who operate their own data centers for performance, regulation, security, compliance, and costs.

Capabilities of Dell Technologies' Developer Portal.Dell Technologies developer portal is your DevOps playground

Dell Technologies has a history of supporting open ecosystems that put the customer first, and the latest way we are doing so is through an accessible development tool playground. To help organizations deliver applications and services faster, DevOps teams want easier access to open-source tools and products that can aid in the delivery of infrastructure-as-code and streamline CI|CD processes. Why not provide them through the infrastructure portfolio that is trusted and built on?

It is very exciting to announce a new destination for our DevOps organizations this week with the “Dell Technologies Developer” portal. This will serve as a one-stop shop for full-stack developers, DevOps engineers, Site Reliability Engineers and basically any IT operator looking to automate infrastructure deployment and management. DevOps can simplify management of dev-test and production environments and accelerate the adoption of microservices/container-based architectures with enterprise reliability and security across many options. DevOps engineers will be able to script their operations to match the speed of development and at scale, with control, while accelerating the process. This is where the crossroads of traditional and modern innovation through code enables consumers to be able to access qualified third-party automation tools, SDKs, Github navigation and APIs across most of their existing and planned for infrastructure platforms. Supporting Dell’s full portfolio from client to data center, the developer portal not only provides an exciting destination for the user but will also offer a robust community to interact with in the coming year.

A better way to empower DevOps

We are empowering DevOps teams to collaborate with their software and cloud native application developers more effectively by helping them cross the bridge between traditional on-premises operations and modern IT operations in a multi-cloud universe. With our broad ecosystem flexibility along with easier access to open-source tools, customers gain control over their multi-cloud strategy and simplify experiences for both IT Ops and developers. Learn more about DevOps-ready platforms and navigate your way through the Dell Technologies Developer portal.

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¹ Enterprise Strategy Group Infrastructure for Cloud-Native Development Enablement, October 2021, Prepared by ESG for Dell Technologies

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