E-Waste Wanted: Helping Technology Live On

Here’s a hard truth. The world is sitting on a mountain of e-waste – equivalent to more than 5,300 Eiffel Towers – at a time when access to technology has never been more important. Right now, in homes all across the world, laptops, desktops and monitors are sitting unused. So how can we transform the unused from something that gets discarded into something of value?

By recycling it. This International E-Waste Day we want everyone to send us their unused technology, so we can refurbish it, reuse it, recycle it, extending the life of these resources – whether that’s passed on to a new owner or used to create a future new Dell product.

And we don’t just want our own products back, we want all brands in any condition. So if you’d like to join us, here’s how:

Step 1: Gather up the technology you want to return

Check it over and make note of how old the device is, if it is in working order and if it has any dings or scratches. Transfer the data you want to keep from your old device onto an external drive or migrate it to a new device. Once that has been completed, make sure you erase all of the data from your device.

Step 2: Go to DellTechnologies.com/Recycle and select ‘Home or home office’ before telling us what it is you would like to recycle

Dell Technologies Recycling device or component options. Step 3: Choose from several easy – and free – services to recycle your technology

    • Got an old computer with some life left on it? In the U.S., we can help you turn any eligible electronic devices (Dell and non-Dell) into credit towards your next purchase instantly or recycle them for free with our new Dell Trade In program. While initially launching in the U.S., this program will roll out in additional countries early next year.
    • Is your tech a little older? You have a couple of free recycling options – you can drop it off at one of our Dell Reconnect participating Goodwill locations in the U.S., or use our global Return to Dell mail-back service. Just print a prepaid shipping label, box up your items and drop them off at a local mailing center or schedule a home pick-up.

And we aren’t just looking to recycle unused technology from individuals. For our business customers, Dell Technologies Asset Recovery Services help securely and responsibly retire your IT assets while protecting both your data and the planet. Planning for this early when assets are at their maximum value can allow you to unlock funds that can be put toward future technology innovation.

So what do we do with your technology once we receive it? When we take back a device, our goal is always to refurbish and reuse first – extending the lifecycle as long as possible. Using modular components, minimal adhesives and limited numbers of screws are key to this, designing for easier repair and easier recycling of component parts. Because if a device can’t be refurbished, we use those parts to refurbish other systems or recycle them for reuse in new products. We take plastics from recycled electronics and use them to create new plastic parts. To date, we have used e-waste to produce over 100 million pounds of recycled plastic parts. We also take rare-earth magnets and aluminum from old hard drives and use them to create new hard drives in select products.

We can all play a role in stemming the flow of e-waste. By sending your out-of-use technology to us, we can help it live on and get more devices to people who need them. Find out how to get started at our recycling site.

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