Ditto Update Adds Advanced Digital Signage Scheduling

The latest Ditto update revamps the digital signage scheduling process. New scheduling options make it easier than ever to manage digital signage on all of your screens. 

This Ditto Account Portal update lets you schedule signage assets for specific days of the week, hours and date ranges. The added flexibility during the digital signage scheduling process enables Ditto account admins to spend less time managing signage for their organization.

The update ushers in new account portal UI/UX changes to make navigation more intuitive and consistent across the portal. 

The release also added mass-apply functionality to additional account portal settings, further streamlining management and reducing admin workload. This update significantly reduces the number of steps required to make edits to various digital signage assets and settings.

Get more details about this release here.

Learn how to schedule digital signage with Ditto.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s new in Ditto:

Ditto Account Portal:

  • Improved digital signage scheduling capabilities
  • Added the ability to mass-apply settings to additional areas of the account portal:
    • Schedule digital signage lists and items in bulk
    • Hide or delete digital signage lists in bulk
    • Set time duration for digital signage items in bulk
  • Redesigned UI/UX of the digital signage section of the account portal to better align with the rest of the portal

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