Delivering Customer Choice and Flexibility with APEX

New Opportunities

Today’s IT customer is managing a growing array of pressures—an accelerating need for digital transformation, increasing complexity in technological offerings and innovation, and the market demand to be fast, nimble and flexible. Accompanied by an uncertain macro-economic environment, these pressures only intensify their need for trusted support and expertise, creating an enormous opportunity for partners. In fact, IDC recently shared that the importance of partners to solve complex customer challenges and aid in their digital transformations is more important than ever.¹ Moreover, an incredible number of customers need help. Public cloud first customers still have 70% of their workloads either in a private cloud or non-cloud environment.²

As customers’ need for partners has increased, so have their expectations. The customer no longer wants the latest infrastructure box or technology refresh, they want outcome-based solutions delivered on an ongoing basis, tailored to their unique, dynamic workloads and applications. IT staff are ready to radically simplify their management and operating experience and share the risk with their vendors and partners. Customers need choice, customization and flexibility, and these demands are driving change of the highest magnitude—a revolution—in how we create, deliver and manage solutions and services.

Customers want technology as-a-Service (aaS)—67% of U.S. enterprises plan to shift toward paying for infrastructure on a consumption basis.³ If you’re only engaged in a transactional relationship with your customers, you may be missing a necessary signal your customers are sending in their desire for a very relevant and more strategic relationship. In Dell Technologies, you have a partner committed to helping you best serve customers, and together, we will be ready—meeting customers where they are on their transformation journey.  It’s part of our stop at nothing promise.

Seizing the Opportunity with APEX as-a-Service Solutions

Dell Technologies is expanding our portfolio and capabilities of APEX so you can deliver the latest solutions as-a-Service today, providing the IT agility and choice your customers require. Resell for APEX outcome-based offers is available today in the United States with international expansion to come.

With our world-class private cloud, hybrid cloud and data storage services infrastructure, coupled with selling motions covering resell, hosting and referral, we can help you create the right go-to-market motion for your business and deliver the best technology for your customers’ unique applications, workloads and needs—all while driving pipeline and demand generation that moves you away from the technology refresh cycle and into a recurring revenue model and trusted advisor status.

The APEX Advantage  

APEX creates what we call the APEX advantage for partners, providing:

    • Flexibility to deliver solutions in whichever way your customers want to consume.
    • Differentiation through your own high value, close-to-the-customer cloud and managed services that enhance the close-to-the-box lifecycle management services integrated with APEX installations.
    • Your own subscription model with monthly recurring revenue and accompanying customer “stickiness.”
    • Status as trusted advisors enabling your customers to evolve into fully digital organizations.
    • Education and enablement for your team with dedicated training and tools.
    • Lucrative benefits and incentives.

Your customers, now “data center light” and removed from the daily grind of infrastructure management, are more agile and nimble, better able to respond quickly to business demands and achieve the outcomes they seek. It’s a win-win situation.

Get Started Today

We are your partner in good times, in challenging times and in changing times, and we are with you every step of the way on this journey.

We have comprehensive training in the APEX Learning Center and resources including tools like our PowerSizer to aid in the solutioning of APEX. And, our APEX offerings have partner program benefits, services and a partner ecosystem to support you as well.

Don’t miss this critical opportunity. According to IDC, 25% of partners will transform in 2021 in reaction to changing customer needs, and the evidence shows that partners who are integrating digital strategies are winning.4 Many have already adapted. Today, 60% of infrastructure is deployed through channel partners, and 65% are reselling solutions in an as-a-Service model, an increase of 10 points from 2019 to 2020.5 There is tremendous business to be had, and we’ve got your back—don’t wait another moment. Prepare for tomorrow today.

Backed by our end-to-end industry leading portfolio, APEX enables and empowers our partners to meet the aaS demand and opportunity and deliver the choice and flexibility your customers require. We will help you build your own portfolio of solutions, including APEX, so you can become the change agent and trusted partner your customers seek.

Together, we stop at nothing.

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